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    Summer position battles: NFC East

    July 14, 2004

    By Pete Prisco Senior Writer

    The last of eight division-by-division looks at the key battles for each NFL team heading into training camps.

    Dallas Cowboys

    Pete Hunter vs. a handful of young corner contenders

    The Cowboys hope Terence Newman (41) and Pete Hunter (27) form a top CB duo.(Getty Images)

    The Cowboys are set on one corner with second-year player Terence Newman, a premier cover player. But the other side is a different story. The Cowboys like Pete Hunter, a young player who played some last season, although injuries slowed him some. Hunter is an aggressive player who would seem to fit into what the Cowboys want to do. He could be a player who blossoms once he gets a chance to start. Andrew Davison and fourth-round pick Bruce Thornton will push him. Davison is a third-year player from Kansas who has played little, other than special teams. Thornton was considered a reach by some teams by the Cowboys, although the Dallas coaches feel he has starting potential -- probably in the future.

    Edge: Hunter. It's his job to lose.

    Opening-day starter: Hunter. Privately, the Cowboys staff thinks he has a chance to be a very good player, better than last year's starter Mario Edwards.

    New York Giants

    Eli Manning vs. Kurt Warner

    It's hard to throw a rookie quarterback in as an immediate starter, no matter how talented. That's why the Giants signed Warner, a two-time MVP who wants to show the world he can still play after the Rams gave up on him. Manning will someday be a heck of a quarterback, but it might take time. He's smart and instinctive, but this is the NFL, not the SEC. Warner gives the Giants a chance to ease Manning in, maybe this year but likely late in the season. But, what happens if Warner plays so well Manning can't get on the field? Did the Giants do the right thing in acquiring him? Or should they taken their lumps and let Manning play this year? Tough call.

    Edge: Warner. He didn't get those two MVPs by not knowing how to play the game.

    Opening-day starter: Warner. He will show everybody he can still get it done.

    Philadelphia Eagles

    Brian Westbrook vs. Correll Buckhalter

    It may be Correll Buckhalter's time to break out. (Getty Images)

    Both of these players will get time in Andy Reid's offense, a system that likes to rotate backs. Westbrook is an explosive player who has proved to be more than a third-down back. He rushed for 613 yards last season and caught 37 passes. When he was out for the playoffs, it was a big blow to the Eagles' offense. The question about him is whether he can handle a full load of carries at 200 pounds. Buckhalter is a talented runner who should be putting up big numbers. But he isn't as focused as he should be, which has stunted his growth. He rushed for 542 yards last season and is the guy who should be getting most of the carries. For some reason, the Eagles don't seem to allow him to get into a groove. Maybe this is the year -- if he's focused.

    Edge: Westbrook. He has the speed and the ability to catch passes that this offense needs, but he is small and that has to be a concern.

    Opening-day starter: Buckhalter. It's his time. He's a better inside runner, so he will start, although both will play.

    Washington Redskins

    Patrick Ramsey vs. Mark Brunell

    It would be easy to assume the job is Brunell's since the Redskins paid him a huge contract after trading to get him from Jacksonville. Although he is expected to win the job, coach Joe Gibbs has publicly declared Ramsey will have every chance to take it from him in training camp. Ramsey was a first-round pick in 2002 who had some decent moments as a rookie. He has a big arm and will someday be a heck of a starting quarterback. In Gibbs' system, which is more quarterback friendly, he should play better. Brunell is thrilled with the chance to jump-start his career after sitting for most of 2003 behind rookie Byron Leftwich with the Jaguars. Brunell said he feels as good as he has, in terms of health, since coming into the league. He still has a good arm and is actually a better all-round quarterback than the kid who ran around back in the mid-1990s. He sees the field better than he did then.

    Edge: Brunell, based on experience and Gibbs' hand-picking him to be his quarterback.

    Opening-day starter: Brunell. He has three or four good years left and his play will surprise those who thought he was finished.
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    Didn't know that Hunter wore #27 last year......

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    You beat me to it. :D I think Thornton (R) is going to wear #27 this year.

    Good read Bluefin. Thanks for the post.
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    I left that line uncorrected just to let you guys have some fun with it.

    Mistaking the second coming of chicken neck (Merton Hanks was the first) for Pete Hunter is just mean.

    Best luck to Thornton wearing one of my least favorite numbers.

    Thanks for saying thanks, SoTex.

    I'd like to say that's music to my ears, but I'm supposed to believe this guy knows what the most reclusive staff in the NFL is thinking?

    Why bother pretending to know the staff is high on Hunter's potential?

    Prissy is guessing based on the evidence at hand.

    I have come to the same conclusion.

    Here's hoping we're all right on the money with Dallas' new big game Hunter.
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    Westbrook will be the starter, there really isn't a competition there. He should have wrote about the competition at middle line backer or RDE. Idiot. :confused:

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