Pro Bowl snubs By Adam Schefter

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    Pro Bowl snubs: The best of the rest [​IMG][​IMG]

    [​IMG] By Adam Schefter
    Special to

    (Dec. 19, 2006) -- Time to give a little shout out to all the players who did not get one Tuesday. And now, without further ado, the 2006 Pro Bowled Over team -- players that got overlooked.

    [​IMG] Brian Westbrook was left off the NFC Pro Bowl roster despite having a banner year. QB: Tom Brady, Patriots -- It's not often that Philip Rivers and Carson Palmer beat Brady.
    RB: Brian Westbrook, Eagles -- Andy Reid thought Westbrook was a slam dunk. Reid thought wrong.
    FB: Ovie Mughelli, Ravens -- Tough name to pronounce and tougher for linebackers to avoid.
    WR: Terrell Owens, Cowboys -- T.O. leads the NFL with 11 receiving touchdowns, which is nothing to spit at.
    WR: Roy Williams, Lions -- On a team with little offense, Williams has more receiving yards than every NFC receiver other than Green Bay's Donald Driver.
    TE: Kellen Winslow, Browns -- His latest problem is that Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez play in the AFC.
    G: Ben Hamilton, Broncos -- Somebody in Denver's offensive line has to make the running game go.
    G: Ruben Brown, Bears -- Used to be a regular Pro Bowl selection, and still should be.
    C: Nick Mangold, Jets -- Even better as a rookie than the more heralded D'Brickashaw Ferguson.
    T: Marc Colombo, Cowboys -- A scrap-heap pickup for the Cowboys has turned into a gem.
    T: Marcus McNeill, Chargers -- A second-round pick made an impact as a rookie; just ask LaDainian Tomlinson.

    [​IMG] Warren Sapp was the second leading vote getter at defensive tackle. DE: Leonard Little, Rams -- More sacks than Julius Peppers, more sacks than Will Smith -- and Little doesn't make it.
    DE: Trevor Pryce, Ravens -- Hard for an established Pro Bowl player, on a winning team, with 12 sacks to get bypassed. But Pryce did.
    DT: Warren Sapp, Raiders -- Still a force in the middle with eight sacks, and like Pryce, has a reputation that didn't count.
    DT: Luis Castillo, Chargers -- A player that might produce as much, if not more, than the more heralded Shawne Merriman.
    LB: DeMeco Ryans, Texans -- This rookie leads the league in tackles, shouldn't that be enough?
    LB: Ray Lewis, Ravens -- How does Ray Lewis not make every Pro Bowl team?
    LB: Bart Scott, Ravens -- Scott rang up nine sacks, eight pass defenses, and the hardest hit ever delivered on Ben Roethlsiberger.
    CB: Nnamdi Asomugha, Raiders -- Asomugha should have picked off a Pro Bowl bid to go along with his seven interceptions.
    CB: Walt Harris, 49ers -- Matched against the top receivers in the NFC West, Harris still distinguished himself with an NFC-best six interceptions.
    S: Kerry Rhodes, Jets -- Rhodes did everything for the Jets -- pick off passes, force fumbles, recover them. Just didn't go to Hawaii.
    S: Kevin Kaesviharn, Bengals -- No safety had as many as six interceptions, and Kaesviharn layed the wood, too.

    No Newman or Witten on this list...they must be alternates
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    geeze how good is the ravens front 7... suggs, thomas, lewis, scott and trevor pryce.
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    They are the best defense in football by a ten football fields.
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    yet Newman matched up against guys like Santana Moss, Plaxico Burress, Steve Smith, Anquan Boldin, Wayne/Harrison, Galloway as well.
  5. windward

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    Damn good and the primary threat to thge Chargers in the AFC.
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    Glad to see Marc Colombo getting some big time recognition. We aren't homers in thinking Colombo is really doing a good job for us in this his first full year as a starter at RT. With more time to devote to the offseason weight conditioning program (build up strength in lower/upper body) and less to rehabbing his knee, he should get even better with a year under his belt. And man has he got a nasty attitude. It's fitting that he's our starting RT cause that's where our last nasty OL (Erik Williams) played.
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    heh, Sheffter snubbed players in his 'snub' article, mainly Newman

    I just find that midly ironic
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    Didn't Prisco praise TNew some weeks ago- or was that someone else?
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    And i bet half of his picks were thrown by Seneca Wallace and Matt Leinart...:bang2:
  10. Bob Sacamano

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    he did, I thought Prisco wrote this, it's Scheffter though
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    Not that it really matters but Newman never covers Burress, its usually Henry and sometimes Glenn. At any rate, the Pro Bowl is a joke.
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    Thats why Im thinking that Newman and Witten made the Alternates list.
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    even better he had two from Wallace, one from Brad Johnson, and three from Andrew Walter. Basically, Schefter's comment made little sense since 66% of Harris' picks came outside the division and against poor teams/QBS
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    Maybe we'll get to see how good Harris is when they put him up against T.O come playoff time?
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    my snub list is

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    Im tired of this snub business at times like this. They do it every year at the academy awards too. It is not a snub to not select someone. Well it could be of course but there are just so many spots. If there is room for 3 people and someone wasnt picked maybe they found him to be 4th best for goodness sake. Here is the definition of snub:
    to treat with disdain or contempt, esp. by ignoring.

    Now as much as I hate TO, I think in his case it IS a snub. Who could tell maybe in a few of these other cases there is some personal reason for not voting for someone, but how could so many people (per Adams list) be snubbed? Maybe its just semantics and snubbed is used instead of "the best ones not chosen"
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    Totally forgot about does the NFL leader in touchdown catches, and NFC leader in total touchdowns not get in?
  18. windward

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    another snub would be Josh Brown. He's way better than Robbie Gould
  19. Aikbach

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    Jason Ferguson and Andre Gurode are two of the most unheralded center pieces of NFL lines that are in the game today.
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    You know what feels really weird.... thinking of Gurode as a pro bowler.... man I never thought that would happen. However, he has been playing very well I used to look at him as our worst OLineman but now I look at him as one of if not the best.

    After that Haynesworth incident combined with his overall good play I figured he'd make the probowl, oh well I can understand him not getting in more then I can TNew and TO.

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