Pro Football Focus site notes on Iggles game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy from New York, Oct 21, 2013.

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    The only reason it's his second-lowest is because he threw two interceptions. One was on a Hail Mary and the other was because of a wrong route ran by the halfback (was supposed to turn out but instead led the linebacker into the path of a ball thrown to Beasley).

    There were some throws he missed (like the long sideline pass to Dez), so it wasn't his greatest performance in that regard, but it was his lowest rated because of those interceptions, compared with only one TD pass.
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    Right...Romo goes into a hostile environment and the team wins a game to go ahead in the NFC-e, yet they come here and still *****!!!

    But, kids will be kids...and immature adults will still be immature.

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    Dez needs to make that kind of catch if he ever wants to be considered the best currently at his position. In contrast, Fox showed a highlight of Megatron going up surrounded by three defenders and making a TD catch for Detroit.
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    If their grading system marks down QBs for Hail Mary passes at the end of halves/games, it's worse than I thought (and I didn't think much of it already). I should hope they don't include those.

    That said, Romo has not been particularly good, certainly by his lofty standards, the last two games. I'm not sure there are "masses" here who would disagree, but who am I to get in the way of a good straw man?

    (Oh, and some performance has to be his second-worst of the year, doesn't it? Just like some performance has to be Blaine Gabbert's best of the year.)
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    Just curious to what people think would be a fair contract for Hatcher given his age and play? Would 4 yrs/$22M be too high or too low? Would Hatcher accept a little bit of a hometown discount or do you think he will get a lot more from another team? Will he get paid less because of his age? Will he accept anything less than a multi-year (3-4 yr) deal? Right now, $5.5M per year would be about the 5th highest paid DT in the NFL.
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    No my friend, you is what will be ignored from the masses.
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    Remember when everyone thought Spears was better than Hatcher? Lolz.
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    I agree with you in that it wasn't his best game but it was far from a bad game.. I pointed out to a couple of other posters who wanted to point out his errant throw (not really in my opinion) to Dez 50 yards downfield on the sideline,. He threw it to the outside away from the defender who was in good position on the inside and yes, Dez had to adjust, he gets paid to do this by the way, but the ball hit him in BOTH hands. Between that and the hail mary that dez should have had and the 5 or 6 other drops by his receivers and Romo is on the verge of another 500 yard game. Yep, Romo wasn't hitting them between the numbers but isn't that why a wr gets paid?
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    i've had a soft spot in my heart for Hatch ever since he sack fumbled Brady in 2007.. you go man!
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    Romo stated in his pressed that the throw to Dez felt good as it came off his hand, but the wind caused it to go to the right. It was evident the wind affected both qbs.
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    i read your post, which is why i said you are entering stan territory. you are not fully infected like the other two stans who came in with their capes to save their hero.

    i dont know why we are arguing whether it was a bad throw or not when troy aikman, a man who knows more football than everyone on this site combined, said it was a bad throw and that romo was a little off today immediately after it happened.

    do i blame him for the denver pick, of course i do! if you think i'm unfair in doing that then why did his head coach say it was a bad decision in the monday PC? he had his safety valve murray right there in front of him instead he forced the low percentage throw.
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    Okay...I don't know how, but I must have missed this deep throw to Dez on the sideline. When did this happen?
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    Romo doesn't need saving, the stupid do.

    Aikman does know his football - which is exactly why his opinion of Romo is so far away from the stupid and the blind.

    And the fact you still wanna discuss our last loss instead of the recent two more important divisional wins speaks volumes.
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    Some one want to enlighten me re Stan's ?
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    Off topic: your dog seems and looks just like my dog, so I love her too... (Pit mix, best dog I ever had in my life and I will always rescue them when I can).

    and agreed on all points.
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    read my first post...
    i haven't said a peep about romo's performance until now b/c you romo stans get so out of control trying to defend every minuet thing he does. it's sad how sensitive you guys get anytime some says he makes a bad throw or has a bad game. you guys really take that stuff to heart.
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    You are acting like a child. The stupid stans thing and the name calling with it is a non starter. You invent stuff in your head that you assume others are saying and then spew it out.
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    Aikman, sad to say, has been a little hard on the boys lately. As for the throw, was it perfect, no and I think we can both agree on that, just count me as a member of the "better there than a good throw" on that particular play. The defender was in perfect position on that play and if Romo had thrown it on target, it most likely would have been picked so all in all I think that was the only place he could have put it without getting picked and still have a chance to get caught.

    As for Denver, Romo had been making that play all game but on that particular play Escobar drifted upfield away from the throw and Romo was tripped at exactly the same time. I saw the view from Romo's direction (all 22 I think) that another poster put on here, and you couldn't even see Murray. All things considered, it was a perfect storm for failure. having said that, when Romo throws it right to the other team, and he will, I will definately say he screwed the pooch. Just not in these instances but please keep talking, I truly enjoy our discourses and look forward to many more in the future :D
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    This thread wasn't even about Romo. I'm sorry I had a part in the discussion.
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    give me an example of stuff i invent in my head lol.

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