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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Jan 27, 2013.

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    • In the Cowboys’ new 4-3 scheme under Monte Kiffin, there are a few leftover, ill-fitting pieces. The switch could lead to Anthony Spencer seeking work elsewhere from a 3-4 team whose scheme fits his skills best. But it also might affect some younger players such as LB Kyle Wilber, who appears to be a tweener in the 4-3. Could he play linebacker? Hard to say because he missed much of his rookie season with injury. But the early guess is that it’s not his best fit.
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    Other rumours: Manti Te'o is among one of Jerry's top targets
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    For sure....
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    I actually think Wilber might be a better fit for 4-3 SLB.

    IMO, Albright is the one who is a 3-4 LB who might not fit all that well into a 4-3 alignment. He might fit best as a DE in the new alignment but will need to put on 10-15 pounds to do it.

    OTOH, he may have enough agility and strength to also compete as a 4-3 SLB but I think he may be a tick slow in coverage at 4.85 40, unfortunately.
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    But only on twitter.
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    Really? Where'd you see this?
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    Jerry going to start an online dating site (next business adventure) and use Manti as the poster boy? :laugh1:
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    Albright could do some things on the DE, Lessimore is a good fit for a 4/3, Ratliff, Spencer, Lee and Ware fit perfectly.

    Defensivly Dallas has to add at least 2 more safties in the NFL Draft/Free Agency.
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    Can he bring an imaginary QB and coach with him?
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    Teams running the Tampa 2 defense have a history of using light DEs.
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    Highly doubt this happens. MLB in a 4-3 isnt effective without DT's to keep O lineman off him. Right now they lack that unless they find somebody in FA.
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    I was never s fan of the Wilber pick anyway. I didn't like him in the 3-4 either. Wasted pick IMO.
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    I am sure he can find an Internet based coach somewhere here on the Zone. You know, coaching is overrated, there is no real need to actually meet him/her in person. It can all be done virtually....
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    Can he play strong safety?
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    Now that is funny!:lmao:
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    How fitting. Jerry imagines himself to be a GM and a coach. I guess he needs a player who imagines he has a girlfriend too as well as one who imagined himself tackling Crimson Tide players.
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    Ouch! Hoo-rah!
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    Maybe he can bring an imaginary GM with him to run this team.
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    Albright had really good measureables except in the forty.

    Check out his Short Shuttle (20s), 3-cone and 10-yard times. All very good, especially considering his size. He also had a very good vert which is another indicator of athleticism.

    He was coming off a season ending leg injury when he participated in the pre-draft workouts. It's possible that he is actually faster.
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    To do what?

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