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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mmohican29, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Deserves so much kudos for finding players like Selvie, Rayford, Sims, Hayden, Cohen (gone I know)...
    ALL have been quality. Durant has played very well (I imagine they had something to do with recommending his signing).

    This team is sooo much deeper for their efforts which they continue to look for advantages to fit scheme. If Nevis is signed, I think he can be a very good player for us.

    I know Jerry is the GM. And we get with that what we get (incredulous loyalty to aging players, fantasy outlooks of marginal NFL players), but he is clearly listening to guys who are really, really football savvy because even in the midst of a complete devastation of almost an entire starting defense we have found guys who play hard and were of decent quality (Frampton, Poppinga, Moore).

    I just can't tell you how excited I get when I hear a new guy is signed because I have 100% faith in their work. What's even more impressive is, as fans we are rewarded almost IMMEDIATELY with some kind of flash play that affirms their work. Our 48-53 talents are players that can really play football. I mean look at what Selvie has done since his arrival.

    When someone like Cohen (who I thought was pretty damn ok) is released, it tells me we are a very good football team on the rise because each roster spot is so valuable in today's NFL, and our coaches and scouting department are in sync on what player attributes they want on the football field.

    Speaking to the defense (which has been much more fluid than offensive personnel), Marinelli and Kiffin are solid gold and their front office support is too. Great job.
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    mohican, I agree. all of a sudden it's like we have another draft period and these additions have been significant.
    My worries about the defensive line during training camp have turned to "far outs'.
    Another poster said "Spencer who?"," Ratliff who"? and I agree. Of course they'll really add rotational power
    when they return.
    Pro Personnel/Scouting Dept. thank you
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    Good thread. Well, a few things I like about these new signings are:

    1) The players they are signing will be motivated and hungry to stick on the roster (see Selvie and Hayden as the biggest examples). These guys were castoffs so you know they won't be half stepping out there and it shows.

    2) The current players (other than the productive stars like Romo, Dez, Witten, Lee, etc.) will be on edge because they know they can be replaced. They see it. Look no further than our 2011 and 2012 starting center as evidence. I am hearing whispers of him getting released.

    3) Depth. I can't wait to see Spencer come back healthy (hopefully). Instead of him having to grind for 16+ games (yes, we're going to the big dance), even if he rounds into form by, say, week 10, he'll be relatively fresh for the stretch run. And even if Selvie starts to tail off by then, in comes Spencer to pick up the slack. One of the things those awesome '90s Cowboys DL had was depth. If we can Rat and Spencer healthy, this year's group will be quite comparable to that group IMO.

    I'm liking all of this player movement. Can't say I've seen this happening in years past. Makes me excited going forward.

    Go Cowboys! :)
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    I like the churning the bottom of the roster as well, keeps the players hungry and the players you're bringing in are giving you the best they got.
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    Yes, kudos to pro-personnel dept and to kiffin and marinelli
    I suspect it is coaching on defense to a large degree

    But, we are just 3 games in so pump the breaks a little

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