Problem with Cowboys-Football Intelligence

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by OldButDeadly, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. OldButDeadly

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    What is wrong with the Cowboys you ask?? They are just not football intelligent...

    That is from the top to the bottom:

    Owner GM-Won't hire a real coach/trades valuable picks (wastes)
    Coaches-Not a clue on game management
    QB-Good QB (Not Great) who makes bad decisions when pressured
    TEAM-Stupid penalties in timely situations (TIME AND TIME again) (Demarco/OL..etc..)

    I would hope the water-boy and equipment manager are stupid too so this team is complete!!

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  2. ufcrules1

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    You pretty much nailed it.
  3. OldButDeadly

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    It is so hard to watch this team...I literally almost get sick wondering if they can hold on and hoping they don't do something stupid...LITERALLY..

    I have been a fan since the days of Charlie Waters...but it is really getting hard to watch....train wreck after train wreck...

    Maybe I am the only one....

  4. theranchsucks

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    I went to click the like button but I just LOVE this post. This is the truth.
    Another Kev
  5. 17yearsandcounting

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    I wanted to murder 58 for trying to get out of bounds on the last kickoff. What are you thinking bro? Does anyone coach on this team?
  6. fifaguy

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    no lead can be trusted with this team, especially in the 4th quarter come crunch time
  7. romothesavior

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    The single worst play of the game was Tyron Smith's hold. You absolutely CANNOT take a penalty there. Picking up yards for a field goal is nice, but it is MUCH more important to keep the clock running. The Lions likely would have gotten the ball back with less than 30 seconds from inside the 10 yard line with no timeouts.

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