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    1. 49ers: Aaron Rodgers, QB, Cal.

    As one league source told us, receivers don't touch the ball enough to justify being the No. 1 overall pick. The last pass-catcher to be the first guy taken was Keyshawn Johnson in 1996. Nine years later, the 19th overall pick that year, Marvin Harrison, is far closer to Canton than Key.

    2. Dolphins: Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn.

    The whole "Ricky talked to Saban" thing could be a smokescreen aimed at getting the Browns to think that the Fins will go quarterback or receiver in the two hole -- with an eye toward squeezing some picks out of Cleveland like the Cardinals did in 1998 when they flip-flopped with the Chargers so that San Diego would get one of the two blue-chip quarterbacks. (In the Bolts' case, however, they ultimately snared a cow chip called Ryan Leaf.)

    3. Browns: Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan.

    We think G.M. Phil Savage will see through Saban's effort to sell the notion that the Fins won't draft a tailback, and Savage will hold firm at No. 3. There's a chance that the Bears, who might or might not covet Braylon Edwards, will try to leapfrog the Browns to get Braylon, but in the end we think that Chicago will sit tight.

    4. Bears: Mike Williams, WR, USC.

    We'll call it the reverse Randy effect. In 1999, the Packers loaded up on defensive backs after getting schooled by Moss. Now, with the much-improved Vikings' defensive backfield led by two Hobbit-sized corners (Fred Smoot and Antoine Winfield), the Bears will jump on a potentially dominant receiver. Although Edwards might be the better all-around player, Williams' size makes him the ideal fit to reach high over Frodo and Bilbo.

    5. Bucs: Cedric Benson, RB, Texas.

    With Joey Galloway re-signed and Edwards and Williams gone, the Bucs will go for a guy who can move the chains, and create eight-man looks for the passing game.

    6. Titans: Pac-Man Jones, CB, West Virginia.

    Samari Rolle is long gone and Andre Dyson is possibly/probably not returning. So the Titans need a guy who can help keep their sputtering offense within shouting distance.

    7. Vikings : Cadillac Williams, RB, Auburn.

    That four-headed tailback monster in Minny suddenly gets mediocre with eight men in the box on a regular basis -- and no one to keep the strong safety honest. With the Vikings' defense in pretty good shape (we can't believe we just typed that phrase without inserting the word "not") and plenty of receivers available, this Cadillac could drive the Vikes much closer to winning a Super Bowl than Herschel ever could've dreamed.

    8. Cardinals: Alex Smith, QB, Utah.

    A no-brainer, even with Kurt Warner in the fold. Creaky old Kurt simply doesn't mesh with the team's whole "up-and-comer" mojo, and they'll need someone who can get 'er done in 2006 and beyond.

    9. Redskins: Antrell Rolle, CB, Miami.

    The 'Skins pick up another playmaker from the "U" for the defensive secondary. Did anyone really believe the recent item on the team's official web site pimping Walt Harris as a viable option to fill Fred Smoot's void? In our view, that puff piece was proof positive that they want Pac-Man or Rolle in this spot.

    10. Lions: Derrick Johnson, OLB, Texas.

    The Lions could go in several different directions with this one, but the pick in the end will be undoubtedly aimed at shoring up the defense. Johnson could go to Minnesota at No. 7, but the Vikes need another young linebacker as bad as Coach Frankentice needs another pencil in his ear.

    11. Cowboys: Shawne Merriman, DE/LB, Maryland.

    We previously thought the 'Boys would have a shot at Merriman with the 20th pick. But his Pro Day workout has raised his stock, and we now think the 'Boys will grab him here.

    12. Chargers: Dan Cody, DE, Oklahoma.

    The Bolts will have plenty of options at the twelve spot as they look for a defensive end. We're purely guessing at this point that they'll take Cody.

    13. Texans: Alex Barron, OT, Florida State.

    Their run at Orlando Pace confirms what we already knew: The one thing keeping the Texans from challenging the Colts is a guy who has a snowball's chance at slowing down Dwight Freeney.

    14. Panthers: Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina.

    With the Moose cut loose and Ricky Proehl a year away from packing it in, the Panthers need a guy who can take some of the pressure off of Steve Smith, who benefited from Muhammad's presence more than anyone would ever admit -- including most significantly Smith himself.

    15. Chiefs: Marcus Spears, DE, LSU.

    The Chiefs might try to take a corner here, if they think they don't have a chance to land Ty Law when he's fully healthy.

    16. Saints: Thomas Davis, S/LB, Georgia.

    Davis can play safety or linebacker for the Saints, who could use help at either spot.

    17. Bengals: Heath Miller, TE, Virginia.

    Miller is a stretch here, given his health. But the Bengals have been known to reach in the past for need (e.g., Levi Jones), and we think Miller gives them a guy who can take full advantage of the seams created by a solid receiving corps and a top-flight tailback.

    Another possibility here is that the Bengals can trade down with a team that wants to get in front of the Vikings and still draft Miller. (Of course, they could've done the same thing with Jones, but didn't.)

    18. Vikings: Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin.

    The Vikes have penciled 2004 third-rounder Darrion Scott in as the starter on the left side of the D-line, but James might very well be the last piece of a Purple People Eating puzzle that could become one of the best defenses in league in 2005.

    19. Rams: Jammal Brown, OT, Okalahoma.

    The big guy from Oklahoma permits the Rams to jettison Joe Davola.

    20. Cowboys: Travis Johnson, DT, Florida State.

    Acquiring Johnson sets the stage for either moving disappointing free-agent pickup La'Roi Glover to the outside -- or out of town.

    21. Jaguars: Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn.

    With Reggie Howard bolstering the defensive line and plenty of linebackers available later in the draft, the Jags pick up a speedster who'll be able to chase around the likes of Marvin Harrison and Andre Johnson.

    22. Ravens: Shaun Cody, DT/DE, USC.

    The transition to a 4-3 is complete.

    23. Seahawks: Roddy White, WR, UAB.

    New team president Tim Ruskell sends a clear message to Koren Robinson. And Robinson most likely will choose to ignore it.

    24. Packers: Brodney Pool, S, Oklahoma.

    With virtually all of the team's defensive backs getting shown the door, it's time for Ted Thompson to replenish. The Pack could go corner here -- and they also could trade down a couple of spots and still get Pool.

    25. Broncos: Demarcus Ware, DE/OLB, Troy.

    Ware's presence helps the Broncos adjust to the Colt-killing (they hope) 3-4 defense.

    26. Jets: Antajj Hawthorne, DT, Wisconsin.

    The Jets find a replacement for Jason Ferguson.

    27. Falcons: Channing Crowder, LB, Florida.

    Maybe a reach here, but it's one area where the Falcons needs some help.

    28. Chargers: Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma.

    The Bolts add another weapon for Drew Brees. Or Philip Rivers. Or Drew Brees.

    29. Colts: Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska.

    Defense continues to be the focal point for the Colts, who can score with the best of them . . . but can't always outscore them.

    30. Steelers: Marlin Jackson, CB, Michigan.

    The Steelers address a chronic position of need with a guy who has climbed up the board with a solid Combine performance. If his sprained wrist fully heals, the Pittsburgh jumps on Jackson.

    31. Eagles: Roscoe Parrish, WR, Miami.

    Terrell Owens helped the Eagles get to the Super Bowl, but they need more help at the position if they're ever going to win it.

    32. Patriots: David Pollack, LB/DE, Geogia.

    Tedy Bruschi's replacement arrives in New England, if a replacement is indeed needed.

    This just verifies my belief that this bonehead doesn't know much about football. Anyone that would call Glover disappointing obviously isn't too tuned into the Cowboys.
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    I HATE THIS @#$%&*^ IDIOT!
  3. Qwickdraw

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    Here is the editor's email address for that site.
    I emailed him and told him what a moron he is.
    Feel free to do the same.
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    Hasn't he made the Pro Bowl every year he has been with Dallas ?
    *** !!!!

  5. Duane

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    I think so. This guy doesn't know his head from his arse.
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    "Acquiring Johnson sets the stage for either moving disappointing free-agent pickup La'Roi Glover to the outside -- or out of town. "

    Hog wash.................This guy is a complete idiot.
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    As a matter of fact... that statement is so far off base that you have to think it is some kind of mistake.

    How could he really mean that?

    Boggles the mind.
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    While Glover has been to the Pro Bowl, he isn't what I would call a dominating DT...

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion even if we don't like it...
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    Just as bit as mind-boggling:

    The Vikings would like to get rid of tailbacks if anything. They are not so stupid as to actually draft another one along with Michael Bennett, Mewelde Moore, Onterrio Smith. Why they would even consider a RB goes to show how inane this writer is.

    He also has Roscoe Parrish going to the Eagles at #31...
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    Hard to be a dominating 3 technique tackle when you're double teamed and the 2 gapper on the other side is mediocre at best, a talent black hole at worst.

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    Disappointing??!?!?!!? that was one of our best fa pickups in awhile. Replacing him with a crappy nobody like Travis Johnson wont do anything.

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