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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 16, 2011.

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    I agree with Gabe Carimi being over rated. They said one NFL guy called him a 6th round pick and another one stated that he was "swing" tackle.

    Mike Pouncy was on that list, too. I think Pouncy is a true second round player.
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    It is not a great year for dominant O Lineman so some will get over drafted. I think Carimi will have a long productive career but probably get drafted 10-15 slots above where he should.
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    like tyron smith :D
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    since just about everyone with a brain has Smith around where we are, I am more comfortable with taking him. Given the past ability of the Boys to screw things up with O line.
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    Check out this report on Tyron Smith. has confirmed that several teams have not seen an issue with Smith's knee, especially in light of his solid March 30th workout. Multiple team doctors and trainers also felt Smith's knee has progressed well, and foresaw no future issues.

    Some teams will undoubtedly be somewhat cautious about Smith, who is trying to add weight while also rehabbing that knee--and asking four different teams will give you four different opinions. But is also important to understand that misinformation is king this time of year, and reports can be used to sway public opinion about players.

    At this point in the draft process, Smith is still expected to be selected in the top 13 selections.

    Chad Reuter

    Perhaps, Pro Football Weekly should "hear" this. I didn't see them reporting Castonzo's back and knee issues that have teams "concerned" according to NFL Network.
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    I agree, and that is yet another reason to take the superior one who has the most upside at pick 9. You actually get to pick the only blue chip offensive linemen in the entire draft at 9.

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