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    Posted: 12:38 pm April 15, 2012

    By Rob Rang | The Sports Xchange/

    Despite boasting some of the game's most exciting playmakers on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, the Dallas Cowboys have not reached the playoffs for two consecutive years. Considering that Tony Romo turns 32 in less than a week (April 21), whatever window of opportunity the team has with him being head coach Jason Garrett's unquestioned starting quarterback may be closing.

    As such, owner Jerry Jones was more aggressive than usual this off-season. The team addressed its two most obvious areas of concern - signing former Kansas City Chiefs' cornerback Brandon Carr to a five year, 50 million dollar contract (which includes 25 million guaranteed) and adding not one, but two veteran interior linemen in former Cincinnati Bengal Nate Livings and former Carolina Panther Mackenzy Bernadeau.

    The focus up front might allow Dallas to focus on an aging defense with their first pick of the 2012 draft, No. 14 overall. Certainly, adding a versatile defensive lineman like LSU's Michael Brockers or Memphis' Dontari Poe would make a great deal of sense. Each boasts Pro Bowl potential and because of concerns about how ready they are to contribute, each could be available at this point in the draft.

    With the Cowboys likely looking for players able to contribute more immediately, the team could instead focus on other areas of concern early in the draft while investing lower picks in developmental prospects for the defensive line.
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    Not bad Rob, not bad.
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    I could live w this
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    From what I read about Charles, he seems to be what we hoped Bennett would be. Good blocker that can actually catch the ball. I don't think Charles is as good a blocker as Bennett, but seems to be much more consistent in the pass catching skills than Bennett.
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    i actually like allen more than charles..but id rather take charles in the 3rd than allen in the 2nd..i think
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    I probably missed this in one of your threads but what are your feelings on Poe?
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    Gimme Egnew en the third.
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    Same here. I'm cool with Malik Jackson too
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    Malik Jackson is a guy nobody talks about but man is he intriguing.

    This is how I spend the last couple of weeks before the draft. Look at the guys you haven't really paid attention to. Jackson looks to be an ideal fit for our defense.

    Kiper's got me eyeballing Justin Bethel, CB from Presbyterian. Real interesting small college prospect. Possibly a S convert in the NFL.
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    Aging defense?

    Kenyon Coleman (turns 33 this month), the oldest player on the team, is in the final year of his contract and may be released before the season begins. Marcus Spears, another potential release, won't turn 30 until next March.

    Jason Hatcher, a low mileage player, and Demarcus Ware both turn 30 in July while Jay Ratliff turns 31 in August.

    That's it.

    Everyone else will finish next season in their twenties.
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    I like most of those players but strongly disagree with his take that our 3 man front is big strength. I think it's maybe average
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    Good thought process and value/need consideration
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    The Huddle Report pimps Malik love to snag him

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