Proof That E-Lie Is Better Than Romo?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Apr 5, 2014.


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    Oh lord...

    2 time Super Bowl champion
    2 time Super Bowl MVP

    He has been clutch more than once in the playoffs.

    You don't pick Romo is you have the choice to pick a. QB for your team.
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    Wilson is a great story and really does seem like a great guy.

    1. He was drafted in the upper half of the 3rd round
    2. He played 3 of his 4 years at NC State
    3. The one year he was at Wisconsin, they threw it a fact, in the entire history of the Big Ten, only Drew Bree's had more TD passes in a season than the 33 that Wilson put up.
    Great story for him though.
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    WAY out of shape. But QBs can get away with it more than most. It didn't keep him from once again leading the league in ints. :)
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    You think Eli is all that and I do not. As far as skill set I would take Romo any day over Eli. Opinions vary.
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    And everyone knows that Doug Williams and Trent Dilfer are better QBs than Dan Marino. They has the Ring!

    Also, in the absence of a strong performance by someone else on the team, the Superbowl MVP always goes to the QB by default.

    Eli's a little too erratic for my taste. He's caught fire a couple times, which lead to good playoff runs. He also has runs like this last year.

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