Prospect Forecasting: Quarterbacks Part 1

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    Ryan Tannehill enters the year as BBD's #1 QB
    In this series of articles we a BBD will look ahead to the 2011 season and give you the three best games to watch for each of our top 10 ranked prospects in order to evaluate their talents. We start with the glamour position of being the QB.

    Some of these kids are going to get drafted next April and asked to be a franchise savior, can they do it? We don’t know yet, but seeing them in the games listed below will give you a pretty good read on it.

    1. Ryan Tannehill-Texas A&M
    6’4, 220 lbs.
    10/1 v. Arkansas in Arlington, TX
    This will be the first real test Tannehill will see in his first season as an unchallenged starter. Put into the starting role after Jerrod Johnson faltered in 2010, Tannehill went on a tear to end last season culminating in a terrific bowl game v. LSU. Against Arkansas he’s going to face a very aggressive and veteran savvy defense that has talent at all three levels.

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