Prospect Profile: Anthony Bryant

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    In the 6th round, a little beef...

    Prospect Profile: Anthony Bryant
    By TFY Draft Preview
    Date: Mar 28, 2005

    Anthony Bryant School: Alabama
    Ht: 6-3 Wt: 337 40: 5.10 Year: 5Sr

    Bio: Two-year starter posting 19/2.5/1.5 as a senior after a career high 44 tackles as a junior.

    Positives: Massive, interior tackle with a good degree of athleticism. Gets off the snap with a quick first step, bends his knees and slides off blocks to make the tackle. Fluid moving laterally, can twist or stunt and makes plays out to the flanks. Drives his feet up the field and runs to the ball relatively well. Adequate using his hands to get off blocks.

    Negatives: Though large, easily ridden from his angle of attack or handled at the point by a single blocker. Only average playing speed.

    Analysis: Marginally productive on the college level, Bryant has consistently shown flashes of dominance the past four-years, yet has not put together a complete game. Must significantly improve his body strength as well as conditioning to make a roster and produce at the next level.
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    I remember someone here making a big deal about him not being a starter....but I thought he was a starter :confused: Anyway, could make a good backup.
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    HE'S A LOAD, Great 3-4 NT prospect. He doesn't collapse a pocket but he clogs things up and never goes backwards. He's a 4th round prospect.
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    I like him hes a big dude...

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