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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Here are the guys that i like by round. Taking into account Marinelli's likes and deslikes, Kiffins system, then the offensive scheme and Linehands type of players. Yes i think Linehan will be Dallas' new OC this yr.

    Dee Ford DE Auburn 6'2 242lbs
    If he gets to over 250lbs he will be Dallas' pick at 16, think of Robert Mathis

    Kony Ealy DE Missouri 6'5 272lbs
    Protypical size for a SDE in Kiffins scheme. Defends the run and rushes the passer

    Aaron Donald DT Pitt 6'0 282lbs
    3tech that can get pressure up the middle

    Timmy Jernigan DT FSU 6'2 298lbs
    This player IMO has a bigger upside then Donald because of his natural size, Has good skills too

    Zack Martin OL ND 6'4 305lbs
    Can play 4 spots on the OL and start from day one at 3 of them for the Cowboys


    Trent Murphy DE Stanford 6'5 252lbs
    He played more standup in college but looking at him play you just know he's a DE. He needs to add about 10lbs IMO. Get stronger.

    Marcus Smith DE 6'4 Louisville 258lbs
    Quick off the snap and good passrush moves.

    Dominique Easley DT Florida 6'2 285lbs
    Coming off a injury but if he wasnt he would be a top 15 pick easy. If he's completely healthy would be a steal in round 2

    Kelcy Quarles DT South Carolina 6'3 298lbs
    1tech guy who is ideal size for a Marinelli DL and can get after the QB from that 1tech spot.

    Will Sutton DT Arizona State 6'0 312lbs
    Needs to get down to around 300lbs. Very quick off the snap and being lighter would dominate.

    Kyle Van Noy OLB BYU 6'3 244lbs
    More Athletic version of Wilber and provides that rush ability to on a blitz.

    Telvin Smith SS FSU 6'3 218lbs
    Team him up with Church and watch teams WRs start dropping them passes over the middle against Dallas. Hits City.

    Ed Reynolds FS Stanford 6'2 206lbs
    Smart player who doesnt wow you with any one thing, just does his job and knows were to be and with that makes plays.

    Marcus Roberson CB Florida 6'0 195lbs
    Big CB who can play man or zone. Long arms.

    Davonte Adams WR Fresno State 6'2 216lbs
    Big Physical WR and can be vertical on the outside, and run them inside crossing and slant routes from the slant. IMO would push TW to the slot.


    Martavious Bryant WR Clemson 6'4 205lbs
    Tall and extremely fast. Can blow by CBs on deep routes. Is going to outjump every CB in the redzone. Could push to start.

    Cauran Reid DT Princeton 6'2 301lbs
    Can play the 1tech or 3tech bigger end of Marinelli's likes but is fast off the snap and splits blocks to get pressue very good.

    Terrence Brooks FS FSU 5'11 197lbs
    Playmaker roaming the secondary.

    Jordan Zumwalt LB 6'4 231lbs
    Complete strongside LBer. Very good vs the run and a tackle machine.

    Kareem Martin DE UNC 6'6 272lbs
    SDE who can defend the run and give you a decent passrush. Not a player who is going to start his rookie yr, but situational passrusher is a good role for him starting off.

    Chris Davis CB Auburn 5'10 201lbs
    Physical CB who can play zone. Playmaker who plays the ball


    Josh Mauro DL Stanford 6'6 276lbs
    One of these players who can play SDE or the 3tech. Great for depth, i dont think he's a starter but coming in on situations or a rotation he would give Dallas alot of production from inside or outside.

    Ed Stinson DT Alabama 6'3 292lbs
    This is a player i think people need to look at. Would be a perfect 1tech type of guy the cowboys would look at.

    Ben Gardner DL Stanford 6'4 277lbs
    Another one of these players who would be good inside or outside in a rotation. But i do think he is starter caliber.

    George Uko DL USC 275lbs
    Would be either a rotational SDE or the 3tech. Quick off the snap

    Jordan Trip LB Montana 6'3 237lbs
    Tackle machine and isnt affraid to do the dirty work.

    Chris Watt G ND 6'3 321lbs
    Big G who can get to the 2nd level and pull. Depth with ability to push to start

    Michael Schofield OL 6'4 303lbs
    Can play 3 spots LG-RG-RT

    Seantrel Henderson T Miami 6'7 331lbs
    Huge T with skills. Needs to develop but wouldnt be pushed to start this yr.
  2. tm1119

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    Hageman? Pryor? Nix? Mosley? Too many good prospects and too many holes on the D to limit yourself to such a short list. Highest rated D player or if an overwhelming value presents itself at o line is a pretty simple formula
  3. Macnalty

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    I agree the difference between our 1st and 2nd pick in talent is negligible in my thinking especially concerning the DLine. If a great value drifts down to us I say take him even if he is Oline/QB or WR. I will sink the boat if another TE is picked this early. Zack Martin ND has made his way onto my short list he is a Olineman who has versatility.
  4. IrishAnto

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    Taking Zack Martin would kill several birds with one stone.
  5. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    Agreed. If Martin is there you take him. BPAN and need, a beauty when it happens. Right now I'd like to think I'd be happy with

  6. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    George Uko 6'3
  7. LatinMind

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    No, No, No, No...

    Hageman and Nix i dont think are what the Cowboys will be looking for. They are not quick twitch players. They arent going to jump off the snap and beat their man. Thats what the team is looking for. I dont think this team will pick a S or LB in the first round. I know people would like that but this team has already said they really like what Wilcox and Heath can do. And this team has 3 young lbers. If you fix this DL it has a ripple effect to LB and then secondary because the secondary wont be asked to cover as long. the LBers can spend more time not compensating for the lack of pressure. DL with their types of players is where this team is going. You think this team is going to go for these bigger DTs then ur just setting yourself up for a gripe on draft day.
  8. bodi

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    1 Timmy Jernigan DT
    2 Trent Murphy DE
    3 Dakota Dozier, OG,
    4 Jordan Trip LB

    I take Dosier over any guy you have in the 3 rd
  9. xwalker

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    I really like Dozier. He looks really good in game footage with quick hands and feet, good power and good technique. He has good measurables to go with it at 6-4, 312, 33.75" arms.
  10. reddyuta

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    I dont agee with this.This team should be looking for a FS in this draft,Wilcox can be Church's backup but we need a true centerfielder.
  11. LatinMind

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    Thats fine you can disagree all you want. But this team has players they like. And Wilcox and heath are then players, and Wilber will be starting at Lber this yr.
  12. tm1119

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    Thanks for the report Jerry. Glad to see you posting here.
  13. reddyuta

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    what is there to like in our safeties? Church is good in run support but all three are very poor in coverage,you really think they will magically become better cover guys next season if we draft a couple of Dlinemen?
  14. LatinMind

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    All you have to do is take the time to listen what the jones', coaches and people around valley ranch to know what is going on.
  15. LatinMind

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    I know they are bad covering offensive players for long periods of time because of a lack of a passrush. Thats what i know. I know Church just played his 3rd yr in the nfl and first yr as a full time starter. And i know Wilcox and Heath were later round picks that were forced to play before they were ready. You dont think they will improve with a DL forcing some bad throws because of pressure?
  16. tm1119

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    So you're telling me that at some point someone important within the Cowboys management/coaching staff has said that Kyle Wilber will be a starting linebacker next year? Because I'd love to hear/read that.

    But seriously though, I'm baffled by the idea of wanting Kyle Wilber to start at linebacker. At what point has he done anything in his entire football career to warrant that? Honestly, what positives traits does he bring to the table as a linebacker? I'd love to know.
  17. LatinMind

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    No but they have let it be known they like him and see him being a starter. Did you watch any games after the first half of the bears game? He basically took over and had 20 tackles over the last 3 1/2 games. Thats big considering he isnt in much because teams running 3 wide so he's off the field alot. This is his 2nd yr, what do you want him to show you at a posistion he learned halfway thru the season? Its clear you dont watch Cowboy games because you would see he's very effective as a SLB in this defense forcing things inside and making tackles. Are you even a Cowboys fan? Im not saying he's a probowler, im saying they are develpoing him so he can start.
  18. tm1119

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    I'm not going to argue with you over Kyle Wilber. And yes I am a cowboys fan. Which just happens to be the reason why I don't want Kyle Wilber to start.
  19. unionjack8

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    Imo we would be crazy to pigeon hole players JUST for kiffins scheme. He may very well be history next year. I think you need to pick scheme diverse players.
    I like Hageman and woyod love to see him used like red Bryant is.
    If kiffin is gone we could be left with a set of dwarves who can't play in another scheme.
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  20. xwalker

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    Wilber has very similar measurables to Seattle's SLB KJ Wright with Wilber's being slightly better across the board.

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