PS4 vs Xbox One

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Smith22, Jul 30, 2013.

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    I have a pretty nice gaming PC setup and there are some games I only play there, but in general I prefer to do my gaming from the couch rather than at my desk. To each his own.
  2. kristie

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    my husband, who's a gamer, will probably buy both.
  3. BanditHiro

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  4. BraveHeartFan

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    BF3 did not have 64 man servers. BF4 from what I understand will in fact have the 64 man battles.

    And the 200 card is cheaper than a new console. Until you replace the 200 dollar card every two years as opposed to every 5-7 years (Or however long it was between Xbox and Xbox1). Then I guess it either evens out or it's slightly more on the gaming console.

    But like you said you spend 2k every 4-5 years. I've had my 360 for nearly four years now. I spent 300 on it. I just spent 400 on my PS4 (Not actually as more than 200 of that was paid for in trade-ins) so I'm, at max, looking at 700 on two consoles in 4 years. As opposed to 2k minimum over the same time span.

    I get the PC love though. If you can afford it and/or love gaming from the computer then it's quite amazing. Higher end graphics, using the mouse and keyboard. It's very nice. I'm just not interested in the amount of money you've got to spend every 4-5 years to keep the PC up to date enough to be worth the effort.

    Plus like some others have mentioned before I personally prefer gaming from my couch, recliner, or bed as opposed to my computer desk. I've got a real nice computer chair but it's not as nice as my couch, recliner, or bed. :)
  5. BlindFaith

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    I used to game only on the PC. I just got tired of upgrading it all the time. Patching, drivers, etc. Having a mouse in FPS is easier. Using the keyboard sucks. And my computer monitor isn't as nice as my 63 inch TV. I got a PS3 3 years ago. Started playing BF3 on it the day it came out. I had played BF, COD and many other FPS on the PC, but it was much harder to play with a controller. It took me a long time to get good, and even longer to get really good. But I'll never go back to playing games on the PC. I'll get a PS4 for $400 and be set for the next 7 years or so. You will have spent 4 grand?

    PS4 will support 32 vs 32 I believe. PS3 only supports 12 vs 12.
  6. Teren_Kanan

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    Only gotta spend 2 grand to get a brand new top of the line computer, and that's a rig that will play any game on max settings for at least 2 years. After that, it will still out graphic any console for another 2 years. Also money wise, is 4 grand really a lot? I make 30 grand a year.. 4 grand in 8-10 years is not even noticeable. I don't have kids though so that makes a world of difference.

    Also, you don't *have* to spend that kind of money every so often. You only do to keep your computer top of the line, best of the best. A much cheaper computer, or upgrading way less often, will still out perform a console, and even if the games aren't "Max" settings, they are still higher end than a console.

    But I totally get the money thing. Like I said, 2 grand every 5 years or so is nothing when you live on your computer. If I am at home and not doing something with my GF. I am on my computer, literally. Whether it be gaming, forum surfing, youtubing, video editing, i'm right here. If you only use a PC ot play a game a few hours a week, totally not worth it.

    PS4 supporting 32 vs 32 is a big step, glad to hear that. BF series is just not the same without the sprawling 32 vs 32 epic battles on huge maps with all sorts of vehicles and infantry.

    I'm pretty much done with the Xbox brand though because they release all their games on PC pretty much. PS4 I will buy for Metal Gear Solid 5 alone. I don't even know if I will own another PS4 game, maybe watchdogs if it's not on PC. But MGS5 is totally worth 400$+ dollars to me.
  7. Nomad

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    I was always a PC person at first and the only reason I eventually went console with XBOX was because they were the first that had all the PC style games and online playability. Before that the type of games consoles had especially PS were not the kind of stuff I could get into.
  8. DWelch1775

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    I'll pick up the new xbox about 6 months after it's release date. By then, they will have started their second generation which fixed all the kinks in the first one, and hopefully the price tag will have went down a bit.
  9. Lonestar94

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    Neither. PC for the win, don't have to keep waisting money every few years.
  10. Mactin

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    I plan on getting me a PS4. Never really was an Xbox guy.
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  11. gambit187

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    I can see both systems in my future....
  12. Jammer

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    My PS3 crapped out on me a couple of days ago (my fault). I hate that because that's money I didn't want to spend, but I have a couple of games I haven't played yet so I had to get another. I go as cheap as I can and price the PS3 12GB, which is $199. I go to GameStop to get it. The clerk patronizingly told me his phone had more storage space than the 12GB and I would have to delete each game I wanted to play. He reminded me of the "Comic Book Guy" on the Simpsons. I wanted to slap him. I told him I had an extra HD to install and I would have way more storage than I would need. I don't know if he believed me because he kinda gave me a funny look. I used my dead PS3's HD and put it in the new PS3 and it works like a charm.

    Anyway, I'm going with PS4. I'm not a big gamer but it seems as if the console has more of what I want. I do miss the PC world, but playing the console while sitting on my couch with the game on the big TV with a beer by my side is pretty nice.
  13. Wheeltax

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    Man, I hate Gamestop. I really get the feeling some suit issued a decree to their store employees that they should engage and talk to everyone who comes through, maybe because they think people who play video games are lonely, I don't know. As a result, misinformation gets spread and it takes forEVER to buy something from GS because they want to have a conversation (and upsell) to every person there.
  14. Jammer

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    984 Likes Received must have been the customer ahead of me. The customer bought some game and the cashier kept talking to him about the game's features and other trivia bits. I didn't think he would ever shut up. And you're right, he tried to upsell me like crazy.
  15. BraveHeartFan

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    The one thing I don't like about GS is that they're always trying to get me to pre-order or buy something I didn't come in there to get and it gets pretty annoying. I know they're just doing their jobs and I understand and respect that but everytime I come I'm not looking to pre-order something or buy something other than exactly what I walked in and picked up.

    In fact 99% of the time when I go I'm going with exactly in mind what I'm getting. I don't go to GS, or any other stores for that matter really, to browse and 'shop'. That's how you spend money for nothing. I always know exactly what I'm going in there to buy or pre-order and if it's not what I went in there to buy or pre-order then frankly I'm not interested.
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  16. Avery

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    I have a Wii.
  17. Smith22

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    Xbox one releases 11/22. Ps4 gets 1 week headstart. According to, ps4 has 600k preorders in US compared to 350k for xbox one. Long way 2 go for both consoles though.
  18. StarBoyz83

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    $500 is a lot of money! That's just ridiculous! If I get one it wont be until summer.
  19. Smith22

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    Getting closer...
  20. Hoofbite

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    Not really wasting money for buying either PC or console.

    It's a hobby. You pay for the enjoyment you get out of it.
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