PS4 vs Xbox One

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Smith22, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. TheCowboy

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    So tempted, yet not tempted into getting a PS4. But very tempted. haha
  2. Pessimist_cowboy

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    so has anyone bought one yet ? Give us a review ! i heard a lot of them are breaking out of the box !
  3. Cowboy Brian

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    Going Xbox One.
  4. TheCount

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    Eh, I'll wait it out. Learned a long time ago that you don't get involved immediately with these kinds of launches, there are always bugs. I went through 3 360's thanks to the RROD. Waited about 2 years on the PS3 and I've had the same one with no issues. Plus since the PS4 isn't backwards compatible, you'll be stuck with launch titles and they almost always suck.
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  5. Hoofbite

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    I've bought 3 of them as well. First one had a bad disc drive almost a week after purchase so the swap was easy. 2nd one I gave away to my younger brother when they released the slim version because I wanted a quieter one.

    I'm gonna get an XBONE at some point. LIVE is pretty much the deciding factor but the controller is also in play. Supposedly the PS4 has a better controller than the PS3 but the XBOX controller just fits so nicely. I actually wish they still made The Duke, or some version of it. Thing was monstrous but that's what I played with to start and really liked how it felt. Until I see an online service from Sony that functions as well as LIVE, I likely won't consider their console. Also, the dashboard on the PS3 was so bankrupt in it's design that you could scroll across the screen for ever trying to locate what you were looking for and while the PS4 dashboard does look much better it still looks like they have a bunch of the apps, games, whatever on a large scrolling list instead of being tiled.

    One thing I think will be interesting to watch with the One release is the resell value on eBay and craigslist afterwards. For having so many preorders and such a high early adoption rate the PS4 didn't seem to be too hard to get. I know two guys, neither of whom preordered, who went to the store on release night and waited in line for a bit and came away with one. One guy went to Best Buy at 8:30 and they handed out something like 33 tickets at 10:30.

    At the last cycle you couldn't even come close to getting a PS3 or an XBOX if you tried that. I went to a store for the launch of the XBOX 360 and there were probably 80 people there just to put their name into a raffle for a chance to get one of the couple dozen XBOX's they had in stock. I searched like a madman in all the small cities within a reasonable driving distance because you could flip it online for a good amount. I remember XBOX's that were going for close to $1000 after release, netting $600 in profit. PS3s were going for even higher, some like $1500 to $2000.

    If you check PS4s on eBay they're going for as little as $550 and even Friday afternoon after they were all purchased they were only going for about $600.

    Based on estimates I guess Sony put out a ton more PS4s than they did PS3s but that's still kind of surprising to see given that launches occur so infrequently.

    I just think it will be interesting to see where the XBONE comes in at. Not that it will really mean anything but I wonder if there are fewer diehard console gamers than there were a while back.
  6. ejwilson1984

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    I've never had any Xbox before but I always here people say that Xbox Live is better than the PSN. I was just wondering what makes it different? Why is it better than the PSN? Do you think Live on Xbox One will be better than the PS4 version? Thanks
  7. Teren_Kanan

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    I hear this all the time too, but I've never understood it. I had 360 and PS3, and went online with both of them frequently. I can't see a reason why one would be preferable to another, other than the fact that PS3 didn't come with annual subscription fee, which is ultimately why I dropped my XboxLive account. I hear PS4 is also going to have the annual subscription fee now, so I highly doubt either will really be significantly ahead of the other in terms of online experience. Online is pretty much one of the core focuses now, so I doubt either will drop the ball with it.

    and I remember the dreaded RROD. I got a release Xbox, and didnt' get the RROD until 3 years later, and they still gave me a new one for free. But I'm definitely not buying any launch consoles this time. I'll probably pick up my PS4 when Metal Gear Solid 5 launches sometime next spring/summer.

    Definitely letting Xbox pass by this time though, as I've said already. What their original intentions were for the XBone completely lost me as a customer, maybe next time. If Windows and PC weren't head and shoulders above the alternatives, I'd drop Microsoft as a brand all together. Besides, the majority of Xbox games I have wanted over the years, almost always release on PC. I will never by a console game that I can get on the PC, since my PC is superior in just about every way possible.
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  8. Aikmaniac

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    The only thing putting the XBOX One over PS4 for me is Forza.
  9. Section444

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    Got my PS4 today, so far no issues.
  10. Nomad

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    Microsoft is a software company, Sony is a hardware company. I think it makes sense Xbox would be better in those areas.
  11. Shunpike

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    If you are on the edge, please pick Xbox. Microsoft is an American company and Sony is a Japanese company. :)
  12. maxdallasfan

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    I've read a lot online about the 2 systems, and the consensus has been to wait a year or two before buying.

    Besides working out bugs, each console will probably have upgrades in an effort to out sell the other when sales level off.

    I also heard a smelly rumor that one of them will eventually offer a console that is backwards compatible. Not sure if it's true, but the IT guy at work, who is a huge gamer, told me this.
  13. Smith22

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    360 to ps4 convert here.

    Controller is nicer than expected. Earbud/mic provided is garbage. No issues with the system so far.

    Graphics are nice. Gameplay solid so far.
  14. jblaze2004

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    I have the ps4... The graphic difference between the ps3 and ps4 nba2k14 is crazy. Looks life like on ps4.
  15. VThokie7

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    The only rumor i've seen in regards to backwards compatibility is it would be a cloud based emulator. Not an actual piece of backwards compatible hardware.

    Got my PS4 on launch day from Amazon along with Killzone, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, and Assassins Creed. I love love love the new controller, i can't understate how much of an improvement it is over the dualshock 3. And the new UI is very snappy and works well in my opinion. As far as the games, surprisingly I am really digging LEGO Marvel, glad I read the reveiws and pulled the trigger on it. Beyond that Killzone looks amazing. A buddy is sending me a copy of NBA 2k, so will add that to the mix later this week.

    Due to a Best Buy offer where they'll give you $100 for any working PS3 or 360, I traded in 2 360's and all my games and accessories and got over $500. Promptly bought $25 Amazon Kindle cards with the Best Buy credit to pay off the Day One Xbox One I pre ordered back in June. So with that little trade in bonus I wasn't expecting officially keeping both. Will be getting Forza and Dead Rising for it.
  16. VThokie7

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    Sony sold over 1 million PS4's on day one in North America alone. Xbox 360 sold around 350K on day one back in 2005. They put out a ton of them for launch and are going to keep them coming. So I think they were able to ramp up production and help meet demand. The Xbox One will easily sell out on day one, but they weren't able to produce nearly as many consoles as Sony*.

    Also with 2 consoles coming out at once you limit the market for those that may have bought both at launch if they were spaced a year apart like last time.

    *Based on projections and retail employees that have commented they got anywhere from 30-50% as many Xbox One's as PS4's.
  17. Hoofbite

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    iFixit gave both systems an 8/10 in terms of repairability. Undoubtedly a giant leap forward and a good move on the behalf of both companies.
  18. Hoofbite

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    I read something that said PS2 was the most sold console at 500K before the PS4 hit 1M.

    I don't think the 360 numbers should stand as an indicator of what the One will do. Their market share has grown by leaps and bounds. The 360 came out when they were still the underdog and now they're on equal terms, although each winning a different region. XBOX 360 held a huge lead over PS3 in North American and PS3 won Europe and absolutely owned Japan to the tune of like 85%+ of total sales between the two systems.

    VGChartz expects 900K XBones to sell in week 1 in NA.

    Amazon is projecting more XBOX ones and VGChartz does as well if you include the international numbers.

    Kind of a bummer to see those kind of numbers for the XBone. I was thinking about trying to get one to flip but I doubt the online margin will be that high because so many people will be doing it.

    I also think both companies are taking a little risk by launching so many. If you keep the numbers lower to start with your percentage of die hard fans who buy the console will be greater and pleasing this population is a lot less difficult than pleasing the population of average gamers or even people who will stand in line because they didn't commit early with the preorder.

    A lot more opportunity for disgruntled customers if something does go wrong. On top of that, the cost to fix any major problem is way higher when you ship more. Should be interesting to see both systems in action.
  19. VThokie7

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    If Microsoft sells that many in week 1 than it appears they're throwing every bit of inventory they have at it. According to a report on IGN analysts are expecting shortages. Meanwhile the PS4 cranked out over a million and will continue to deliver units through christmas. But my point wasn't about success or failure of either, I was just saying don't let the secondary market prices be any kind of indicator of demand. There are clearly way more consoles available for both this time around than there was during the Ps3 and 360 launch. And beyond that both are launching within a week.

    With that said, I hope both are a great success. Originally I was only going to get 1 of the 2 and it was going to be the PS4 despite buying an Xbox and 360 on launch. But after some recent trade in deals that got me over $500 in store credit, couldn't resist going ahead and keeping both.
  20. CATCH17

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    I was pumped a few months back to get the x box one. Now im so down on video games that I really don't want to spend 500 dollars on something im not excited about yet.

    I think im going to wait until I get the itch before I go buy it. 3 months ago I would've payed 700 dollars to have it then. Now I probably wouldn't pay 350 to have it today.

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