QB changing of the guard?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by KB1122, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Is the NFL watching a changing of the guard at quarterback?


    It's only two games. Obviously a lot can change. But right now the top seven in qb rating are: Matt Ryan, Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, Robert Griffin, Phil Rivers, Christian Ponder, Cam Newton.

    Meanwhile Tom Brady is 12th, Peyton Manning is 18th, even Aaron Rodgers is 17. Big Ben and Tony Romo are 8 and 9. Drew Brees? Don't even ask. :)

    Could be interesting to watch this year, as some of the young guys start coming into their own.
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    had to happen sooner or later....thought for sure Bradford would be at the top at some point, if STL ever gave him a half-way decent team. Matt Ryan is not a surprise nor is Rivers. Ponder, Newton, and Alex Smith are shockers to me. Although some of those guys will fade as the season goes on...think RGIII will have some rookie games as well...he still hasn't faced a decent D.
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    No channging of the guard. The replacement refs have no idea how to call PI, holding and right now the DBs are using that information to mug every receiver that comes in the area. And for Qbs like Brady and Rodgers and Brees that rely on precision routes and timing, that affects them. Get the Regular Refs back on the field and watch those Qbs go back to doing what they do.
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    Excellent post.
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    Nope the top five quarterbacks in the league in no particular order are still Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Romo, and Eli.
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    It could also point to timing between WRs and QB. No matter how good a QB is they can't throw the ball as well without the WRs being on the same page. It also depends on how much time the QB is getting to throw the ball and how well WRs are getting off the LOS and into their routes (goes back to mugging).

    You can't isolate the QB from the rest of their team nor their opponents. Too early to make any predictions but it is an interesting observation.
  7. mldardy

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    It will all come full circle at the end. We're only two weeks into the season.
  8. Cowboy Brian

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    We are seeing 5 rookie QBs start this year from week 1. We are surely seeing a bit of a guard changing, but it won't officially change in the eyes of the fans until Manning and Brady retire (who else thinks it would be epic if they did it the same year. Their careers have always been intertwined. It would be a cool way to close it all up and then that HOF class would be amazing). That's when this era comes to a close.
  9. Tom [Giants fan]

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    I believe they will be able to defend them better.

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