QB Keith Price, University of Washington

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RamziD, Sep 10, 2013.

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    This is what WalterFootball had to say about him:

    Keith Price, QB, Washington
    Height: 6-1. Weight: 195.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.67.
    Projected Round (2014): 4-6.

    9/7/13: Versus Boise State, Price completed 23-of-31 passes for 324 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. His accuracy, mobility, decision-making and field vision looked supremely better over 2012. The senior has his 2013 season off to an impressive start.

    8/3/13: The 2012 season was a disappointing campaign for Price. He didn't improve on his sophomore performance as he completed 61 percent of his passes for 2,726 yards with 19 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

    Price took over for Jake Locker and had a solid debut in 2011. The sophomore was an accurate passer, completing 67 percent of his passes for 3,063 yards with 33 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

    Price has some athletic ability, but is undersized. He has some skill as a passer which could lead him to a bounce-back 2013 season.

    I'm interested to see how he does this year and if he could end up being a Russell Wilson-type player, just because the Cowboys may be looking for a developmental QB. This is a highlight video (highlights get better as the video goes on).

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    I've been a fan of this kid since the Alamo Bowl you have in your video. He needs time to be groomed but here would be a perfect scenario unless he goes on a rampage and ends up in NYC for the Heisman ceremony at the end of the year.
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    I didn't watch UW today, but Price went 28-35 for 342 yards and 2 TDs (no INTs) against Illinois today in a win.
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    Price is solid, but I certainly think there are better options. he would be a mid-late round pick that you'd try to develop. Still much rather have a 1st round talent to groom like Green Bay did with Rodgers. Brett Hundley, Stephen Morris, and Marcus Mariotta are still my favorites.
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    There is no grooming.
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    Went 33-48 for 350 yards, 2TD, 1INT against a highly rated Stanford team. Overall, he has a 71.3% completion percentage, 1349 yards, 11 TDs, 3 INTs in 5 games. He's a mobile guy and seems to have what some people may call "moxie". I'm just interested where this kid will be taken in the draft and if he, or any QB, will be on our radar in the mid rounds.

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