QB prospects for 07 draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Wolf2k5, May 1, 2006.

  1. Wolf2k5

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    does anyone know who are the other good qb prospects in the next years draft other than Quinn??? i dont think we gna get him tho and i really dont think henson is the future. (tho i have found myself chearing for him during rhien fire games)
  2. cstanton1987

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    Troy Smith if he develops, The kid who backed up Reggie McNeal at A&M is good too, Chris Leak out of Florida
  3. brewers47

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    Brain Brohm form Louisville
    JaMarcus Russel from LSU
    Chris Leak from Florida
    John Beck from BYU
    Drew Tate from Iowa
    Drew Stanton from MSU

    Thats all i can think of that are truly worth having.
  4. silverbear

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    Jordan Palmer from UTEP... Carson Palmer's little brother...
  5. brewers47

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    Jared Zabransky from Boise State

    But he is more or less a product of the system
  6. brewers47

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    And the kid with the attitude

    Tyler Palko form Pitt
  7. BigWillie

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    To add to the above list ...

    Brady Quinn - Notre Dame
    Zac Taylor - Nebraska
    Joseph Ayoob - Cal
    Chad Henne - Michigan
    Tyler Palko - Pitt
    Sam Keller - Arizona State
    Jordan Palmer - UTEP (My personal favorite that we can actually get, possibly)
    Trent Edwards - Stanford
    Reggie Ball - GA Tech

    Their is that QB from Houston who I can't remember the name of.
  8. brewers47

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    Kevin Kolb from Houston
  9. Letemburn

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    Brian Brohm :)
  10. Wolf2k5

    Wolf2k5 Well-Known Member

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    any 1 got any pros and cons bout these kids? nfl comparisons???
  11. TwoSteppinJJ

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    Willie Why would you even mention ayoob?
  12. PacoReloaded

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    Just give me Quinn and I'm happy.
  13. FarWestCowboy

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    Jordan Palmer will definitely be one to watch. He holds pretty much every UTEP passing record. He had a so/so season last year. He didn't have a bad year, just way too many turnovers and pretty much gave away several games at the end of the year. This season could be make or break for him as far as the pros are concerned. It does work out in his favor that his head coach is Mike Price, who brought us Drew Bledsoe.
  14. kartr

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    JaMarcus Russell is a Culpepper clone. He has an absolute gun for an arm and moves well for a big man and is a terrific competitor. His con is that his head coach is Les Miles.
  15. ghst187

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    Quinn and Brohm are the only names worth talking about. There are other good QBs.... I love Leak..but I think we would look for a player more like Quinn or Brohm.
    I think Quinn is going to light it up and would be worth trading a stack of picks to get. The kid is straight moxie with a cannon.
  16. brewers47

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    Brian Brohm (2008)
    Position: QB Number: 12
    School: Louisville Height: 6'4
    Status: Sophomore Weight: 212

    This is a player at the quarterback position who is very highly touted and has the skills

    He was the "National USA Today Offensive Player Of The Year" coming out of high school, he posses the size, strength and movement around the pocket you look for in a quarterback with more experience and snaps behind center

    He posses a quick release, and the ball arrives with some zip on it, which gives his wide receivers that extra time to make a move to gain more (YAC) yards after catch, he also posses more mobility and movement than he is given credit for in and out of the pocket

    His composure and presence in the pocket along with his calm demeanor, is what impresses me about this quarterback most, he plays with a command of the offense like a player that has been in the system much longer

    His future looks to be bright and full of positive reviews down the road, he just needs to make sure he continues to make progress and develop his skills behind center
  17. brewers47

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    JaMarcus Russell (2008)
    Position: QB Number: 04
    School: LSU Height: 6'5
    Status: Sophomore Weight: 248

    This is a player at the quarterback position that came into college very highly rated

    In the limited time I seen him play as a true freshman he showed excellent athletic and down the road potential but he is young and unexperienced

    His accuracy and technique in his development as a quarterback needs some work, his mechanics and throws off his back foot reoccurs much too often, but he needs to take care of these problems or may find himself on the bench

    Just a player that needs more snaps and experience, with loads of potential, reminds me of current NFL quarterback Duante Cullpepper", in both his stature and athletic ability, and to also brings the threat of a running big quarterback to a opposing defenses equation

    I have further evaluated this player, and since I last viewed him he has received more playing time even as a started at times, but now I question his decision making skills under pressure since further watch, and am starting to worry about his future as prime time player
  18. brewers47

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    Drew Staton (2007)
    Position: QB Number: 05
    School: Michigan St. Height: 6'3
    Status: Junior Weight: 228

    This is a player at the quarterback position who is a dual threat at both the run and pass

    This is a very competitive player on the field, who once covered kicks on special teams, so his toughness is not in question with this quarterback, his will to win is hard to match

    He is a quarterback that has the ability to keep a defense on it's heels both defending the pass and run, he is an excellent athlete with a number of skills
    He is actually a rather inexperienced player behind center due to injury and as a backup player, but he shows good poise and a calm demeanor when on the field or in the pocket

    He throws a good pass which gets there in a hurry, and has the arm strength to throw all the necessary passes anywhere along the field

    With the mobility he brings to the field inside and outside the pocket, he places a great deal of pressure on defenses and with his mobility has the ability to extend passing plays which gives an offense a greater chance for success

    He also seems to be equally adept at throwing from the pocket or on the run, and as I mentioned above he places such pressure on a defense with his mobility

    Once he decides to scramble upfield, he becomes a dangerous running weapon, with fearless abandon and places opposing defenses in vulnerable positions

    The one thing he needs to work on is his touch passes and at times throws floating passes, which makes him vulnerable to interceptions
  19. brewers47

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    Drew Tate (2007)
    Position: QB Number: 05
    School: Iowa Height: 6'0
    Status: Junior Weight: 185

    He is a player at the quarterback position that makes things happen by air or the ground

    He makes things happen with his uncanny ability to make improbable passes all over the field, in any fashion imaginable, or he can keep plays alive with his feet to make it happen

    He may not have the prototypical quarterback size you look for, but he more than makes it up on the field, he reminds me of current NFL quarterback "Doug Flutie", in his stature and ability to make things happen after the play breaks down

    He has the ability to throw comfortably in or outside the pocket, he shows excellent leadership skills behind center, along with giving his team a calming affect with the confidence he exudes

    I like his ability to throw on the run, his mobility extends passing plays, keeps defenses honest guessing if he will either pass or run, so he provides a double threat for whatever defense he comes across, he is truly a playmaker out there on the field to be weary of

    He is a player that demands respect, and one who is a true competitor that shows through with his play on the field, he is a major contributor for making a number of defensive coordinators have reason for sleepless nights
  20. brewers47

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    Jordon Palmer (2007)
    Position: QB Number: 05
    School: UTEP Height: 6'5
    Status: Junior Weight: 230

    This is a player at the quarterback position that has the ability and the genes that say he will be a very productive player behind center

    This is the younger brother of former USC "Heisman Trophy" winner and current NFL quarterback Carson Palmer, so those genes might help with his ultimate outcome

    He is a player with prototypical size for the position and the mobility to extend plays and gain valuable yardage on the run, although he is more of a pocket passer with the ability to throw on the run

    He is rather accurate when throwing the ball with his feet properly up under him, and to remember not to throw off balance which he has a tendency to do, but it has to be said that he is still in the early stages of the position since he only started playing football his last year of high school football

    He stands in the pocket poised and confident in the heat of battle, who has a good feel for the pressure around him, and who is tough and physical in or outside the pocket and lacks a fear of failure which hampers many a quarterbacks composure and ability to become effective on the field of play

    He has better than average arm strength to make any throw on the field effectively, and has excellent play faking follow through skills
    He may need to work on his throwing motion because at times his delivery is awkward & slow, and with his relative inexperience at the position he will occasionally throw the ill advised pass or two during the course of a game

    With all that said he has the combination of skills that makes for a promising future

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