QB prospects for 07 draft

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    Tyler Palko (2007)
    Position: QB Number: 03
    School: Pittsburgh Height: 6'2
    Status: Senior Weight: 220

    He is a player at the quarterback position that brings a competitive edge to the field

    He is a tough quarterback both inside and outside the pocket, who is willing to take the hit in the pocket to complete the pass down field, who seems to have the arm strength to make defenses have to defend the entire field

    This is a player that reminds me of current NFL quarterback "Brett Favre", in his game and demeanor, he is also very good at improvising after the play breaks down, a real gunslinger, a better than average athlete, and brings a certain confidence to the players around him, and shows a certain confidence needed at his position

    He is also a quick thinker and an instinctive improviser when needed, he is a leader to the offense by his play on the field and has the style of play that brings enthusiasm to the players around him

    At times he tends to make bad decisions in crucial situations, and also tends to leave the pocket too early giving up on his receivers and not trusting in the play, and the players around him
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    Chris Leak (2007)
    Position: QB Number: 12
    School: Florida Height: 6'1
    Status: Junior Weight: 205

    This is a quarterback for his age that shows great poise and command on the field

    He was a very highly touted quarterback and the #1 rated player coming out of high school

    He is such a technically sound quarterback, who has control of his teams offense, that shows in his play, he has a picture perfect throwing motion, with a beautifully thrown tight spiraled ball, and has the variety of touches and tools needed to excel at his position to become a force

    He has the mobility inside and outside of the pocket which makes him a double threat to either throw on the run or to run for needed precious yardage, but his first option is as a thrower first and uses most his mobility to extend plays and make things happen down field in the passing game

    I believe this player needs his team to grow and step up a level to match his performance, and if that were to happen I believe this player can lead his team to the "National Championship"

    I would like to see him gain a bit more weight to be able to handle the punishment you take in and outside of the pocket, but he looks to me to be a franchise type quarterback
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    Troy Smith (2007)
    Position: QB Number: 10
    School: Ohio St. Height: 6'1
    Status: Junior Weight: 215

    This is a player at the quarterback position that makes things happen by ground and pass

    He is a throw first thinking quarterback with the skills to make things happen with his feet when needed, who has the ability to throw a variety of passes with touch on the ball when in the pocket, he is a poised performer who shows leadership to the players around him

    His mobility to move in the pocket gives an offense the ability to extend pass plays and give receivers time to find the holes, he also gives you the option to scramble when things break down and become a very effective runner at that

    He has good arm strength, with a quick effortless release to his throws, his balls just fly off his hand which makes it that more difficult to sack this player back there, he also excels with his quick decision making, he instantly recognizes whether to pass or run

    I feel he needs more work in the passing area of his game, to expand his vision of the entire field and to be able to check down from the first to even his third check down during the course of a play

    The passing techniques he needs to improve on are mainly due to inexperience at the position, and once the team realizes he is the quarterback to lead them instead of the two quarterback system, and until the coaching staff gives him the confidence he is number one quarterback no matter what, he will then began to flourish
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    Kevin Kolb (2007)
    Position: QB Number: 04
    School: Houston Height: 6'3
    Status: Junior Weight: 220

    This a player at the quarterback position that possess a package of successful skills

    He was the first true freshman to ever start at the quarterback position for the University of Houston, he has the quick release you look for, who is fearless as both a player and competitor

    He is a better than average athlete at his position, who's intensity for the game is hard to match, and one who likes to attack defenses throwing a variety of balls from anywhere on the field, his accuracy and touch are good which makes for easier catches for receivers

    He has the instincts in the pocket you look for, he has the innate inner time clock to know instinctively when to do things, to step and move out of the pocket when the pocket is collapsing, staying poised under pressure, having the ability to extend plays with his feet for his receivers to get open, a rare trait that all the good to great quarterbacks poses

    Playing the position behind center comes very natural to him, which shows through in his play on the field, who is exudes leadership and confidence to the players around him, and a player who is willing to sell out to do what it takes to win

    He is good at checking down to various receivers, who is willing to stand in the pocket and take the hit to complete the pass, the talent around him needs to elevate their play for more team success, his future is limitless to his willingness to be the best player he can be

    At times he throws ill advised passes due to his confidence in his own ability, and he could use some work on his ball handling skills as well, both parts of his game should improve with time and maturity
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    Brady Quinn (2007)
    Position: QB Number: 10
    School: Notre Dame Height: 6'4
    Status: Junior Weight: 232

    He is a player at the quarterback position that shows the high potential for the next level

    He has the prototype size and skills for the quarterback position, who is a better than average athlete, with the quick decision making you look for

    You can tell he has all the intangible skills down pat, with his calm and poised play in the pocket, he shows he has command of the offense with the confidence he displays in his quick decisions, and the way he looks over the field going over his receiver progressions

    He throws a nice tight spiral, with good velocity, and his ball placement on his throws allow his receivers to maximize their (YAC) or yards after catch, and his leadership for his teams offense shines through on the field for all to see

    However, I would like to see his accuracy improve on his deeper throws, and he is somewhat limited in his escapeability skills when his protection around him breaks down

    With all that said his upside at the quarterback position is very high, he is your classic in the pocket thrower, with laser accuracy and placement on the close to intermediate passes, he has a very bright future at the collegiate level and potentially at the next level
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    I put in all these reviews from fftoolbox.com not sure about the nfl comparisons i am going to try and find out more about them from some searching
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    Isn't this supposed to be for QBs that are worth being drafted? Ball had a decent freshman year, but has been average at best since.
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    The QB that should be in reach that I like for next year are Sam Keller, Jordan Palmner, Drew Stanton, and Kevin Kolb.
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    Quinn would be a dream come true....but....it would have to be a huge trade. if we are in position to draft Quinn, either we had a total collapse, or Quinn had a total collapse. Both are bad things.
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    Not much in the way of QB talent in next years draft.
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    If Brian Brohm declares for the draft next year which he probally will considering the year they could have i would love having him as the QB of the future
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    I'd like to see them go after Troy Smith from OSU. I saw him play a couple times last year and he has some talent. A mobil QB w/ good arm strength who stays in the pocket.
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    I dont want a mobil QB
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    I disagree.....

    I don't think of him as a Culpepper type at all. In fact, I didn't see him run much at all. He's a passer.....More like Leftwich than Culpepper. He can buy time, but he's not a real big running threat, IMO.

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