QB ranking by tier including Romo

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ufcrules1, Feb 4, 2013.

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    1. p manning
    3. rogers
    4. ryan
    5. brady
    6. flacco
    7. wilson
    8. romo
    9. luck
    10. eli
    11. ben
    12. kaepernick
    13. schaub
    14. dalton

    AND yes no rg3 for me until he proves he can pass without that run game i am a skeptic.
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    And without fail...it always works. :eek::
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    I think you are being harsh with Stafford -- he's put up 10,000 yards and 61 passing TDs (vs 34 Interceptions) over the past two seasons -- hardly anything to scoff at.

    Add to that he is only 25 years old.
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  5. TheFinisher

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    If we held a draft today of all nfl players, romo would not be taken before those guys. They are all elite talents at the QB position, and that's how I based my rankings, which QB in a vacuum I'd want for my team.

    not only does Romo come up short to them in terms of raw ability but he's not exactly known for his decision making prowess either.
  6. TheFinisher

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    The lions line makes ours look all pro.
  7. SDCowboy85

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    No they don't.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Lol ... Oh you picked that up. Obvious right:)

    Flacon is better than Romo.

    Sorry but Romo cant make the playoff run that Flacco made.

    Romo loses that Super Bowl yesterday. Flacco played error free. I don't trust Romo to not make a mistake.


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    Personally, I take Romo over Flacco, but you can't argue against what Flacco did in these playoffs. 11 TD's and 0 INT's is unbelievable. He's got a Superbowl ring and Romo doesn't. So while I will argue for Romo, I'm not going to call anyone crazy for putting Flacco above him.

    And yes, Flacco had more help, but ultimately the results are what matters. As Floyd Mayweather says: Men lie, women lie, but numbers don't lie.

    Now Stafford above Romo? That's a bannable offense.
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    Have to tip your cap to Flacco these last couple of months. He's deserving.
  11. TheCoolFan

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    Flacco is definitely Top-10 and surpassed Romo easily but that's common knowledge by now. Flacco put on an all-time playoff run - 11 TDs and zero INTs is something only Joe Montana has achieved. Not even Peyton, Brady, Marino, Elway have done that.

    Give Flacco another year or two and he will definitely be Top-5 as Peyton/Brady get older and he reaches his prime.
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    Wrong.There isn't a GM in any sport(including Jerry) who would agree with those statements.

    Romo would mess his britches in that type of intense atmosphere.Totally come unglued.Face it:Romo doesn't have the mental make up to thrive in high pressure settings.

    No GM change, talent upgrades will ever change that fact.
  13. TheSport78

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    It's unbelievable how anyone would take Romo over Flacco at this point.


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    Romo had the talent around him in 07 and didn't get it done. Now, we all saw the game and know the loss can't really go on him, but ultimately history doesn't remember that. History remembers that Romo and the Cowboys lost the game.

    The unfortunate thing for Romo is that the inept organization that he's a part of does not give him a yearly chance at playoff wins like Flacco's does.
  15. Gameover

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    I would agree he is in an inept organization big time. However, when everything was on the line, he had a perfect chance to succeed against Washington and he had one of his typical epic meltdown games. That wasn't anyone's fault but his.
  17. DFWJC

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    Flacco has matured. He's always been a fairly average percentage passer throughout his career who could throw a nice deep ball...and was totally carried by his defense for years.

    Joe Flacco has played worst playoff game by any QB in the history of the NFL (he actually had a QB rating of 10!)...and his team WON the game. He's had many other games with horrific stats and multiple turnovers with zero TDs in the playoffs. They've their share of those too.

    But he's grown up. He has better touch on the ball, he checks down to his RBs better now, and he's smart enough to know that Boldin, for example, will win any battle for the ball due to his strength compared to a CB.

    He was outstanding this playoff run and if you look back, he was very solid last year too.
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    I'll play. My list is taken from todays game, not overall careers.
    Tiers go from best to worst...
    Tier 1
    Brady-still Brady for the most part
    Rodgers-I think overrated but still up there nonetheless
    Peyton-he may drop to tier 2 sooner than later, arm is getting weaker
    Brees-a glorified Rivers/Romo to me in a better offense
    Tier 2
    Eli-too many fluctuations in his game
    Romo-team not built for him so far
    Ben-overrated as well but has rings
    Tier 3
    Ryan-he is in a really nice offense, he should be better
    Stafford-what has he done?
    Luck-he will rise to tier 2 very soon
    Shaub-bus driver
    Rivers-see Romo with less talent
    Dalton-potential to rise

    Now, I have question marks on Cam, Wilson, Kaeparnick and RGIII. Are they fad QB's or is this style of play going to sustain itself? RGIII is facing future knee problems that will diminish his running game. I like Kaeparnick a lot, he has a cannon to go with those legs and has the most potential of the above four guys IMO.
  19. Joe Rod

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    You know, I hadn't thought about it in that context, but I would have to agree with the statement. Flacco came through in a big way against Denver, New England and San Fran. When Romo ended the season at Washington, I cringed from the opening snap and hoped the wheels didn't fall off.
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    I would swap Newton and Wilson, but pretty much agree with everything else.

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