Quarles, Donald, and Martin will be 1st rounders

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by neosapien23, Jan 9, 2014.

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    A lot of people, including myself, were really counting on Dallas taking Kelcy Quarles, Aaron Donald, or Kareem Martin in the 2nd round to help bolster the Dline. It will not happen. I think all three players will sneak into the 1st round with Quarles getting the biggest jump. I am beginning to worry that Chicago will take Quarles before Dallas does. Kelcy Quarles will be the fastest DT in this draft and he put together a very good junior year. He had a much better year than Tuitt and Hageman and will leapfrog them once the draft takes place. The more you see Donald play, the more you realize he will not be there in the 2nd round. He is very undersized but he dominated last year. He was so quick off the snap it was unreal. He was also able to hit the running back a lot in the backfield proving he could use his speed to stop the run. Another person I think that will go much higher than originally thought is Carraun Reid. He will go in the 2nd round and might even sneak into the 1st round. I think he will surprise on draft day and I would not be upset if Dallas took in with their 2nd round pick. He will be the 2nd fastest DT in this draft. Another person not getting a lot of hype is James Gayle. He will get a huge rise on the combine very similar to bruce Irvin. He will most likely have the fastest 40 time of all the DE in this draft. I am hoping he will still be there in the 3rd but will not be surprised if he goes in the 2nd. Karreem Martin will be a 1st round pick. He produced 11 sacks and has the physical skill set of a 1st rounder. Some team like Carolina or Seattle will spend a lower 1st round pick on him

    This is the draft. I would like to see happen. I know people will say these people are reaches but they will not be after the combine.

    1st round pick Kelcy Quarles DT 6-3 298 lbs. He will most likely be the fastest DT in the draft. He will absolutely destroy the NFL combine and will experience a huge boost. A very quick twitch player who is perfect for the 3 tech spot. This is the most important position on this defense and Dallas has to get it right. I would hate to try and get him in the 2nd round and some team scoops him before Dallas can take him.

    Alternate pick Aaron Donald DT 6-0 285 lbs. I was tempted to take him before Quarles. Despite his size he absolutely dominated the completion last year. He might be the pick if Chicago takes Quarles to replace Melton. I would have no problem with taking him at 16 or 17. His game tape is the best of any DT in this draft and he had no one at Pittsburgh to take pressure off of him. Despite that he still beat double teams with his speed.

    2nd round pick Carraun Reid DT 6-2 305 lbs. He will be the 2nd fastest DT in the draft this year. Despite his speed, he is very thick. Will be the exact type of lineman that Maranelli wants as the one tech. He was an absolute wrecking ball at Princeton. Like Poe is workout will raise his grade. I wouldn't be surprised if he was gone before Dallas has a chance in the 2nd round.

    Alternate pick Ego Ferguson DT 6-2 309 lbs. This guy is very fast. He did not get many sacks at LSU though. He has a good physical skill set and might respond well to Maranelli's coaching. He did play 1 tech at LSU which is a plus. Similar player to Bennie Logan.

    3rd round pick James Gayle DE 6-4 255 lbs. This guy is blazing fast. Probably just as fast as DWare was coming out of the draft. I think he will also rise up due to a crazy workout at the combine. Like Bruce Irvin could be a surprise 1st round pick. If he is still around would be an ideal DE in this type of defense with his ability to get after the quarterback. This pick is based more on potential has he only got six sacks last year. Would have to put on a few pounds but that shouldn't be a problem.

    Alternate pick Jackson Jeffcoat 6-4 250 lbs. Will probably drop down to the 3rd round. He is a quick twitch athlete but does not have top end speed. Could stand to get a little bigger. I really like the fact that he produced at college. He has very good game tape just not as fast as you would like.

    4th round pick QB Jimmy Garrapolo 6-2 222lbs I know people don't think this guy will make it to the 4th round, but I think he will. After the upper echelon quarterbacks are gone, other quarterbacks tend to drop just like Kirk Cousins and Ryan Nassib. I think Garrapolo will still be there in the 4th and dallas will be able to draft Romo's replacement. He passed for a lot of yards at Division II and has near flawless mechanics.

    alternate pick QB Taj Boyd 6-1 225 lbs. He is a very talented running quarterback. If Dallas cant get Jimmy this would be my second choice. Very similar player to Russell Wilson and carried his teams offense.

    This draft would completely rebuild the Dline with speed and would allow the defense to be run the way Maranelli envisions it. The reason I posted alternates is because Dallas cannot get obsessed with one player and just draft players that fit their scheme. By drafted 2 fast DTS and 1 fast DE this defense can get a dramatic overhaul. I would also like to draft a QB now in case Romo falls apart quickly.
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    I would be happy with this draft, dont really know much about Jimmy QB so will do research.

    Players rise and fall and untill combine and pro days its hard to mock. Great job

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    100% with you on all those guys being picked in the 1st. In fact, the draft you've layed out would be aok in my book. The only argument I have is Quarles over Donald. Quarles' tape is impressive and he is a fast, penetrating DT; but I fear his success is in part the product of Clowney and the SC defense. With Donald, it is laid out in front of us. Size aside, this guy is a beast!, and seems to do it on his own. Your right, his jump off snap is amazing! Other than Fletcher Cox, it's been awhile since I've been this giddy about (a potential) interior DT. Still, to each his/her own. Thanks for the read!
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    Sounds like way too many D lineman going in the 1st...especially with how many QB's and WR's will most likely go.



    That just seems like way too high percentage of the 1st 32 picks being spent on D Lineman/rush linebackers. Some have to fall. Whether or not they fall to us in the 2nd is very debatable though.
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    Quarles is absolutely the best DT in this draft. He has every single attribute you want. Long Arms, Burst , Intensity , Quickness, Power , finese ,Speed, High Motor , high football IQ he is the perfect DT.
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    Bottom line is our first two picks need to be starters, not a 3rd string TE
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    Martin seems unlikely to be a 1st round pick.

    Every year, if you added up all of the players that people swear are going to be 1st round picks, it would add up to about 100 players.
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    I agree that Donald and Martin will sneak into the qt but I'm not a high on Quarles. He should have dominated. Playing next to Clowney, Quarles was left one on one alot of the time.

    I agree with what Broaddus said bout Quarles. he plays high at the snap and and doen't have any good hand moves.

    Donald is much faster and quicker and has a great hand slap and fires off the snap. Quarles stand up at the line.
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    That's true but he had better year than Kony Ealy and Tuitt who are rated as 1st rounders. I think Martin will go in the bottom of the first to a team like Seattle or Denver.
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    Donald just does everything right. He has the best game tape of any of the DTs. I think Quarles dominated with 9.5 sacks. You cant really ask for much more. Quarles is the better prospect physically but I do think Donald dominated with no help. I would have no problem with taking Donald at 17.
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    I thought Tuitt received a 2nd rd grade from the NFL Draft Advisory Board.
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    Martin does not appear to have elite quickness.
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    Kelcy Quarles – Defensive Tackle – South Carolina

    Quarles plays defensive tackle in South Carolina’s four-man front. He will line up on the nose and also at as a one, two, or three-technique. The way the South Carolina defense is set up, the defensive linemen play in a rotation to stay fresh. What jumps out at me about Quarles is his sack production. Quarles is an inside guy, yet led South Carolina in sacks.

    Jadeveon Clowney is said to be the top D-Linemen in the country, yet he finished the season with only three sacks, Quarles had 9.5.

    That is a huge number for an inside player.

    Quarles has good size at about 6040 – 300. He is thick and well-built for a D- Linemen and has the frame to carry 310 – 315 when in the NFL. He has good straight-line quickness and speed. I think he will time in the 4.95 – 5.05 range at the Combine. That being said, he is still a force at the line of scrimmage. He has good snap reaction and initial quickness. With his long arms, he can control blockers and he shows he can shed quickly. One person close to Quarles referred to him as being “country strong”, and that is a great description. Though he can get tall he does an excellent job holding the point. You almost never see him give ground to blockers and does a very good job versus double team blocks.

    Quarles plays hard and competes. He has good awareness and can find the ball. He can be a force versus the run and his 13.5 tackles for loss attest to that. While he isn’t a great athlete, he makes a lot of plays including some “wow” plays. I like that he makes pursuit plays. He has some range and goes all out chasing the ball.

    As a pass rusher, he is a bull rusher first but he can also put together some counter moves. He has a good burst coming off blocks to the QB.

    Quarles can play a variety of positions at the next level. I see him mainly as an inside player in either a 3-4 or a 4-3. While he doesn’t have great nose tackle size, his strength and power more than make up for it. With his long arms and two-gap ability he could also play as a five-technique. I can see him being drafted in the later part of the first round or early in the second. He can start for many clubs as a rookie.

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    The thing is so much will change come draft time, if players rise then players fall. Been many a 1st rounders fall to 2nd, 3rd etc. Look at last year Hankins fell, Moore fell to 3rd when people said he was top 20. Bowers, list goes on
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    i'd be happy with this draft, except I'd like to have a power running back and a OG maybe with our 4th and a slight trade back to gain another 3rd or 4th.
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    Of that group I think Donald is the most likely to sneak into the first. Much will depend on how he measures out at the combine because his tape warrants a first round pick.
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    I think Tuitt is going to drop. Wouldn't be shocked to see him go after the second round.
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    Quarles is my favorite player in the draft & have been calling he will be our first round pick for awhile but like you I could see him being like Sheldon Richardson last year. He went from a projected 2nd or 3rd rounder before the draft to a top 10 pick. I'd be heart broken if that happened. I really want this kid to wear the star
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    Some guys I am interested in are Jeremiah attaochy from GT, Chris Smith Arkansas, Demarcus Lawrence from Boise state, and carl Bradford from ASu

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