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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mcallen cowboy, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. mcallen cowboy

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    OK Cowboy fans, THe Trojans came back and beat Norte Dame with MAT LEINART, he showed alot of true leadership in his last minute drive, the question is, lets say the Texans only win 1 or 2 games, and they get the number 1 pick
    would you pull the trigger and offer our number 1 in the 2006 draft and Greg Ellis and Laroi Glover for the number 1 and take Leinart or trade for Carr...
    what does everyone think about the possible scenario???
  2. BlueWave

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    I'd rather have Quinn with our pick.
  3. mcallen cowboy

    mcallen cowboy New Member

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    Quinn....What are you talking about? Quinn has one big game,LEINART OR CARR FOR
  4. Ashwynn

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    Man, where do we get these guys? Carr sucks. No way would I consider trading for that POS. Lienart will be good, but I would not break up the D that we have starting to grow. Keep thinking, maybe we will get a good idea soon.
  5. Jimmie

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    Brady Quinn's been great all year, i dont know where u get hes had 1 good game. And how anyone can judge what David Carr has done in Houston is beyong me, the dudes been sacked 27 times in 4 games. Give him an offense with a line that can block, then make your assumption.
  6. chicago JK

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    first of all, the Texans would have no interest in two veterans in Ellis and Glover. To get up to the first pick it would probably take our first this year, and two future number ones, plus more draft picks. Unless Dallas picks in the top 15, it will take multiple first round picks...not players.
  7. Hostile

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    Parcells will ride Bledsoe this year and next and they'll see if they can develop Romo or Henson rather than pay that much for a draft pick when they can use the draft to finsih building this team.

    No scenario will change this.
  8. Ashwynn

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    There have been many QBs that have been sacked many, many times. Some of them still made plays and put up numbers, some of them you never heard of. Of all the years Carr has been in the NFl, how many highlight plays has he made. How many times has he dusted himself off and came back and made a play.

    Maybe hes got no receivers, no line and no back, but then maybe he should ask for a trade, but not to the boys. I have seen nothing in 3-4 years hes been in the league, NOTHING. no flash, no 'if only he had a line' type potential. He cant make anything out of nothing. NEVER.

    I dont need to see a skunk spray to know it stinks. After you watch it awhile and see the white stripe, you know its a skunk. You know it stinks. Hensons better then Carr, and Henson sucks.
  9. dargonking999

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    sorry. Matt is a nuber 1 overall pick, and really im not into trading from the 20's+ to get there, thats way to many players, or talent giving up for one player, not every SB team needs a number 1 pick QB (colts Vs Pats)
  10. fortdick

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    Rather than Carr, I would look to Rivers in SD. HE or Brees has to go!
  11. ghst187

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    No way BP takes a QB this year if Bledsoe stays healthy and keeps lighting it up..
    Quinn has been a better QB than Leinert this year and I say that because Leinert has had Bush to bail them out on several occasions. Sure, I think Leinert is a legit #1 pick and can be a franchise QB but I'd take Quinn if I had to pick between the two. Quinn still has another year in school under Weis's tutelage. Quinn is very mobile also and I'm surprised more people around here don't like him considering everyone keeps talking about how we should trade our 22 starters for Vince Young...maybe its because Quinn doesn't play for a Texas team?
    Anyway, Quinn has carried that team....Leinert has not carried SC, Bush has. Quinn has amazing pocket presence, hangs in there til the last second and fires rockets; also very accurate. He can also scramble for first downs and make plays when it breaks down. IMO, he's the best QB in college this year but I think Leinert is right there too. Kid from Mich St is pretty impressive also.
    I think the ND-SC game was the QB matchup of the year, two technicians doing their thing. Both showed a lot of toughness and both played extremely well.

    Back to my first thought though, Bledsoe has at least 2-3 years left after this one and we still owe Henson one more year to see about him. Bledsoe would throw a fit if we drafted someone next draft...."here I go again losing my job to an unproven rookie..." he'd be thinking. I don't think BP would do that to him either.

    Honestly looking down our roster versus the college stars and projected 06 draft picks...there isn't a lot out there to use our picks on, esp where we'll probably be drafting... We're pretty full at WR, DL, and RB (RB is the best position in this draft). WR draft is thin anyway, as is QB and LB. We could use an OG, LB, and FS. FS Will Allen was at the top of my list but he's out the rest of the season. I think if there was a year to do it, next year is it to trade down in the first and second and be ready if we need to make a run at Quinn in '07.
  12. NorthTexan95

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    I agree with Quinn for our first pick since he'll easily be available late in the first round. Leinhart will be long gone. Seriously, Quinn has the look of a nice college quarterback but he's no Tom Brady ... no Joe Montana ... no Drew Bledsoe.
  13. Ashwynn

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    Besides, Quinn is a junior if I recall correctly. he would be stupid to leave early, get another year under Weiss and with Lienart gone, He would be the stud QB in all of college. The #1 pick the following year, or high first round anyways.

    If hes a senior, forget what I said, but I think he is a junior.
  14. Doomsday

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    If I could have one player from USC I would take Bush, he is a stud.
  15. Natedawg44

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    The man love for Leinert is nauseating. Never should that homo have a star on his helmet.
  16. dargonking999

    dargonking999 DKRandom

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    i agree with just about everything, Bush won that game for USC, who cares about that last play, bush was the one who put them there, bush was the one who scored two TD's to keep them in the game. without bush USC doesnt see a title game, and Matt, doesnt sniff heisman. Bush should have won last year, and will win this year. Matt is not worth a number one overall pick, and i dont want to give up all that is needed ot get him.
  17. EveryoneElse

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    I'm not a Matt Lienart fan. I think he's really living off some sick talent around him.

    I would take these players in order over ML.

    L White
    #8WR-I forget his name. Jarrett?

    Theres no doubt in my mind that Lienart will be the top QB taken.....
  18. bbgun

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    Leinart hardly blew me away today.
  19. SkinsandTerps

    SkinsandTerps Redskins Forever

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    Leinart had a poor game. But when the game was on the line he threw a perfect pass on a go route. Perfect.

    His poise should not be overlooked. He has so much pressure on him to succeed it is unmatched at this time in college football.

    Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, who's next ? John David Booty. This kid was playing on the Varsity FB team in the seventh grade.
  20. Hoffa

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    I know we don't need a RB, but..


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