Question about the coaching of the Cowboys???

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by davidyee, Aug 21, 2005.

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    The past two regimes of coaching for the Cowboys has led me to believe that there is something fundamentally flawed in either our coaching staffs or the General Managment.

    For example, Henson's change of delivery. Why would the staff tinker with the delivery in the second year? We all have heard how the Texans jumped all over their young frnachise QB and spent the entire offseason fixing his release point by having him throw over coaches standing on ladders. Why didn't our staff see this in Henson?

    Now the rumblings are that the change in delivery has hampered him somewhat this year. I don't get it? If his delivery was bad, it's bad.

    Also, how does one not get the "real" goods on a guy who has a history of injury problems dating back to college or high school? Shouldn't the staff have investigators snooping around for stuff like this especially when there is a red flag? They should make talking to teammates a standard procedure around red flagged players.

    We have a group who is unwilling to put up with "problem" children, but what about our risk taking with players with injury histories. For a team who is trying to dig itself out of a grave why are we swinging for the fences?

    The coaching staffs have changed quite a bit since Johnson's time, but the only common denominator is Jerry Jones and the NFL itself. Is Jerry such a lousy GM or is everyone including Parcells on the endless windmill to win now?

    I was under the impression that when BP first came we were going to "rebuild". I see parts of the program coming together nicely, but other parts make me wonder. Specifically QB.
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    Staubach has openly questioned the decision to change Henson's throwing motion. The decision must have been made to keep him home from Europe this spring, change his throwing motion, and hopefully he will be ready to go this season. Unless they did not feel he would be ready this season and thought he would benefit from a 1 1/2 years with his new throwing motion and would be ready for 2006 season.

    As for Jacob's injury, he had a injury history during college that everyone knew about. That is why there were so many groans when he got drafted. I wouldn't call drafting Rogers swinging for the fences by any means. BP just thought he was getting a solid player whose injury issue was behind him.

    Rebuilding a team isn't easy. Otherwise there wouldn't be the bottom feeders in this league that consistently draft in the top 10. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't. Even in the Jimmy Johnson era he missed on many draft picks. The difference was back then we had so many picks we could afford to miss on a few and you hardly ever noticed.

    The QB position is the most difficult of all to replace. Just look at how many pieces we have gone through since Aikman left. As a franchise we have been lucky and blessed in that department. The biggest failure was QC. He was really the one we hung all our hope on. Unfortunely he flamed out on us and since then it's been a revolving door situation at that position. At this point either Romo or Henson better be the man long term or we are looking at limited success in January for a while.
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    the way that i see it is if you really think you can help a player improve by changing his technique then why not? sure it may slow henson down a little but if it helps him improve in the long run then we all should be supportive of that.

    let's face it. henson is a project. we brought him in to try and develop him and maybe one day he might show something. to expect him to come in and play right away isn't being realistic. i want to see him play well now but i'm also willing to wait and watch him develop.

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