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    I don't agree. Obviously, you play for money and you player for personal attributes but I think most players play for Championships. doesn't matter how old you are or at what point in your career you are at. That's the goal. It doesn't get better then that if you play a team sport. That's THE goal if you play in a team sport. I suspect you would agree with that and while I understand they might have won more with him, it wasn't all his fault that he didn't play his entire career with the Mavs. It takes two.

    At least that's what I think.
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    I agree with what you are saying but when you talk about throwing a number in the rafters I think you need more. At that rate, we should throw JET's number in the rafters because he played here a while and was one of the most important players for that run (he did more than Kidd). He will be well respected in Dallas forever, but I don't see any way you can hang his number in the rafters.
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    Yes, I do.

    And that is a change for me. I was dead set against it when he left us high and dry to go to NY. But the guy helped us win a title and he was the face of the franchise before he was traded to PHX.

    If Dallas had a Lakers or Celtics tradition then no. But here he deserves to go up. Certainly a large part of this franchise's history.

    To whomever above said only Dirk of this era? Can I have some of whatever you are on? This team won a ridiculous amount of games this era and had a lonnnnggg playoff streak. More than one guys from this era.

    We have Brad Davis in the rafters....
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    I'd agree to JET as well.

    He loved Dallas and helped us win a title. He was the robin to Dirk for years.

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