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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NYCowboy22, Oct 11, 2005.

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    I still laugh every time that I'm reminded of this. :lmao:
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    have to say, prior to that game last yr where in defeat gibbs b****** out on the handshake with parcells, i respected gibbs. however, since that time, he has steadily fallen in terms of what i think of the guy as a head coach. i never really liked the guy but at least i respected him. i think he has succumbed to the pressure of being the Annointed One to bring back the skins and in failing miserably is looking to point fingers.


    and really he has no answers, bc offense is supposed to be his strength. avg 15 points a game is not getting it done. thats just another cold hard fact to swallow, hence more of the whine bc it is simply so hard for his team to score.

    most of all, take it like a man -- everybody gets bad calls, but like someone said in this thread, 90% and id venture to go as high as 95% of the time these guys get bang bang plays right. do i not yell and scream at a bad call? no doubt. but as a head coach you have a higher standard and going to the podium in the after game press conference with "we wuz robbed" doesnt exactly carry the tones of leader and a winner. IMO.

    pathetic, really.
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    He's a HUGE whiner!!! I didn't see him whining about questionable calls that helped his team beat the Boys. He thinks that because he's a HOF-er, the refs should just roll over & give him every play. He needs to ****. Cowher didn't whine about the refs "accidentally" (accidentally my a**) putting a minute back on the clock to help the Pats win. He took it & rolled with it. That's life in the NFL. The refs make mistakes. We've had a few bad calls, & Parcells doesn't keep *****ing. Sometimes you benefit; sometimes you don't. It's just Gibbs who somehow doesn't understand that.

    But it has been entertaining to watch him whine the past couple of days! Only made the win on Sunday that much sweeter!
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    I lived in the D.C. area back in the 70-90s and one of the reasons I hated the Skins was because HC George Allen was such a crybaby; he always claimed their losses were result of poor officiating. That line of reasoning continued up to and including when Gibbs took over. I never noticed that other HCs whine after every game about the poor officiating costing them the game. Realize there legit times when HCs do claim this, but never after every loss. Skins are biggest crybabies in NFL. Of course never say anything when they win due to officiating. Unbelievable!
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    Some Skins fans I know would pick one guy to blame for every loss. Every player was all-pro on any given day except for this one guy who screwed things up so badly that the loss was all his fault.
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    I'm pretty sure that the NFL does come down pretty hard on coaches that "badmouth" officiating, or the league in any way. Bp and other coaches have indicated so several times with statements like... "I'm not going to say anything.. I don't think it would be right to comment... I think one caoch even said soemthign along the lines of... the leagues doesn't want us doing that sort of thing...

    Either way, I'm sure it's a fine... players may be under the saem rules. You have to believe that they highly discourage anything detrimental to the league or it's reputation.

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