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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by footballhenry, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Now seriously, last nights game was exciting for me, as I am an avid Redskin fan. However, I do not prescribe to the 'a win is a win' attitude. I believe that the Skins offense was HORRIBLE for 55minutes last night, and Brunell was that much worse. I think that it was partly due to your much improved defense and our lack of imagination on offense (as well as Brunell himself). I am a big Ramsey fan, and beleive he should be the QB of the Skins. I am curious as to what Cowboy fans think, even after last nights stunning loss, of Brunell and Ramsey. As a rival team I always keep updated on what the Cowboys are doing (i.e. I think Bledsoe is a GREAT pickup for you guys, and think that with him you all have a serious shot at the playoffs). In my predictions (for the season) I predicted this to be one of your alls wins and our losses, with us splitting back at home.

    Anyways back to the question, How do you think Ramsey would have faired last night? Do you think it was Brunell's arm or rather Moss's speed?

    Good game guys, its nice to beat the arch-rival much like you all beat us last year in Dallas.
  2. SacredStar

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    Brunell's veteran experience is better than Ramsey's intangibles.

    If Ramsey were in, I would have predicted a big win for the Cowboys.
  3. Qwickdraw

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    Thanks for the compliments. Especially considering the circumstances.
    You sound like a wise fan as opposed to most of the blind idiots I encounter that make up the majority of your fanbase.
  4. Champsheart

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    Honestly, I think Ramsey sucks.

    That last touchdown pass was perfect. A great throw!
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    Agreed....Ramsey in I had no doubt of a victory...honestly.

    With Brunell in I was worried that at the very least he may have a handfull of plays in him like he did when he was in his prime with the which case he actually did have about 3 plays where he looked like the Brunell of old.

    I like Ramseys toughness but that team, town, coaching staff has got him all screwed up and I just don't see him ever being able to do anything there.
  6. TobiasEagle77

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    I know you didn't ask me, but IMO Ramsey wouldn't have made those throws. The first TD was all Moss in my opinion. It looked like he was running a flag route that straightened out, then he adjusted to the ball in flight and ran a post. I seriously doubt the play was drawn up that way. The second throw was excellent by Brunnel, and an excellent catch. I doubt Ramsey would have even read the defense, let alone completed that pass. I keep hearing about Ramsey's arm strength - but the only deep passes I've seen from him were interceptions.
  7. footballhenry

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    I understand that assesment. I have alot of cowboy friends and some family that think that Ramsey would be a perfect fit for Dallas, and honestly I could see him going there in a season or two. Im starting to think that Gibbs and Co. has messed up the kids head too much in D.C.
  8. footballhenry

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    well I have every play of last season on my computer and the thing is that with Ramsey in the offense MOVES up and down the field. With Brunell (and the first 55 minutes of last night attest to this) the offense sputters and stagnates. Im just irritated because so many Skins fans ignore this just because we won. Im happy we won but our offense needs alot of work with Brunell for the Skins to be as good as I think they are under Ramsey.
  9. stiletto

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    You guys need a franchise QB just as bad as we do. Brunell is nothing more than your standard bus driver on the bottom slope of his career. Ramsey is not franchise QB material. I would be starting Campbell if I were you guys and just suck up the downtimes for a better future.
  10. footballhenry

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    you would start Campbell over Brunell and Ramsey and risk wasting a GREAT defense under Gregg Williams? Ramsey played great as a starter last year, posting a qb rating of over a 100 in three of his last 5 games i beleive. Brunell has had about two statistically good games, both against Dallas.
  11. stiletto

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    If Brunell and Ramsey are not your future why play them if you know they won't win you a championship??
  12. JDSmith

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    Going in I thought Brunell was totally shot. I didn't think he had any arm left at all, or legs for that matter. And for the first 56 minutes it looked like I was right. But he proved me 100% wrong with that scramble and those two throws. Now I know it's not that he doesn't have the arm strength, although maybe he doesn't have the strength to make those throws over and over in the game indiscriminately. It's that he's waiting for the right play, for things to be open, before he makes that big throw. When you are young you can spray the ball all over, when you get a bit older you have to make them all count. Brunell did that last night. Those two throws were text book perfect. He's a gritty, smart vet and I think he's the better choice to lead your team right now. I honestly don't think you would have come close to winning with Ramsey in there, I think we would have forced him into turnovers with the pressure we were putting on Brunell all night long.
  13. Dave_in-NC

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    I would love to have Ramsey in Dallas. Hes been messed over in Skins land.
    He doesnt stand a chance there. He might not have made those throws last night butif Brunell was any better the Skins might not have had to.
    Brunell sucks. He threw two hail marrys in my view. Thats not going to get it done 99.9% of the time.
  14. Billy Bullocks

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    Thats the worst part. Brunell is out there flinging ducks all day, and then he makes the throw that only Moss could catch. 2 Guys covered hiM!!!
  15. John813

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    Well Brunell did nothing for 55 minutes against The Cowboys and he isn't going to be your Future QB and Ramsey (rumors) wants out of Redskins organization so why not start Campbell?

    The Redskins Defense kept the Skins in the Game or it would have been 27-0 easliy.

    Campbell is mobile, has a good arm and played very well for Auburn, so why not give him a chance if Brunell sucks again. (except for 2 throws)
  16. Chuck 54

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    It was both, but it all got started by Brunnell's legs when he ran for a huge chunk of yardage and a first down before the first TD pass.
  17. ghst187

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    Ramsey always looks like a deer-in-headlights when he plays us, i don't mean that disrespectfully, I actually like the kid. Brunell scares me much more. If Ramsey would've taken the beating that Brunell did, he would've folded before the 5:00 mark in the 4th.
  18. sillycon

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    The way I saw it, Moss's speed made it seem like noone was covering him...

    (ugh!!! Why couldn't they get Newman on him?!?!?)
  19. footballhenry

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    Umm...did you miss the entire Spurrier Era when Ramsey was QB, he got MURDERED over and over and stuck in there. If theres one thing I know Ramsey has, its heart and toughness. With Ramsey at QB the Skins wouldve never been down 13-0, we wouldve been in a better position at the end. My honest prediction, since the game does completely change, is that we would've won 21-10 with Ramsey in there.
  20. SkinsandTerps

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    You sir, are a pathetic excuse for a Redskins Fan.

    This guy is Nors, except with Ramsey. Hopefully you all know what that means.

    Even last night of all nights he wanted to talk about his Ramsey love affair prior to a huge game between the Redskins and Cowboys. Sad.

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