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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JakeCamp12, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. JakeCamp12

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    I was watching the Fox channel in PA yesterday, which got the Bear-Redskins game. I went and did other things because the game was so dreadful. When I returned at 4:00, the Skins game must have been over and they were showing the Saints-Panthers game. Now, I was under the impression that once the game that was televised in your area was over, the next game should then be shown in its entirety. Why then did I miss the opening of the Dallas game to watch the end of the Saints game which was not the primary game in my area????? Does anyone why this occurred??? I really hate how the NFL makes up its rules so that they can do whatever they please....
  2. SteveOS

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    Yeah, I missed most of Dallas's first drive yesterday. It finally came up and that is when Drew fumbled the snap. Needless to say I was pissed off on so many fronts.
  3. Eddie

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    Stop complaining. I had to suffer through the Giants game. Could only get updated scores from the side bar.

    I didn't even see the highlights.

    This sucks!!! :bang2:
  4. Nors

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    We are all damn lucky he made that FG or you'd have been blacked out till OT ended.
  5. NovaCowboy

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    They did it because of the whole Katrina thing and they thought it was an inspiring sight to see the Saints beating Carolina.

    It happened to us all but thankfully we didnt miss much.
  6. Jarv

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    That makes sense...Hope its a one time only thing.
  7. NovaCowboy

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    I was praying he didnt miss.
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    They switched to that game at just about 4 (at least in my area as they had the jags game on before).

    The game was almost over so they carried it over a tad.

    Even though the main listing said the second game started at 4 (est) I think it was officially slated for 4:15 EST so they had a few minutes to finish the saints game and if not for two FGs in that last minute (plus the Time outs and commercial time outs) chances were they would have finished the game on time.
  9. Aikmaniac

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    Don't feel too bad, the Tampa market was forced to watch the Packers-Lions game for some reason...even though SD/Dallas was the nationally televised game.
  10. dguinta1

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    Thankfully I have the Direct TV football package, living here in NJ. All the 1pm games that ended or where out of reach switched to the Carolina, Saints game. JB then stated, do to the doubleheader, Fox was switching over to the 4pm game so thankfully I didn't miss any of the game. Go Boys! wo0t!
  11. DipChit

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    The only time the 2nd game of a doubleheader "must" be switched to on time is if one of the teams is your home team.

    Or is someone suggesting that even the Fox stations in S.D. and Dallas didnt show every bit of the game?
  12. Doomsday101

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    Here in Houston they switched to the Cowboys game despite the saints game still in progress and the saints game was a schduled early game here in Houston.
  13. Funxva

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    I missed it as well. They switched over with life 12:00 left in the first quarter.
  14. MS17

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    DirecTV here (NC) was going to black out the Cowboys@SD due to local Fox broadcast, since it was game 2 of the national double header. Since the Panthers/NO ran a minute or so long, I got to see the first half of the Cowboys game in HD on one of the HD Superfan channels, then at half DirecTV blacked it out to allow the local Fox affiliate to show the second half. Still aggravates you, and I guess we're spoiled. The DirecTV Sunday Tik Superfan package has worked out to cost an extra $49, with the rebate from DirecTV.
    BTW, Ive applied for an exemption with DirecTV for Fox (NYC channel) on my HD package. (now its just ABC and NBC) I have no chance whatsoever in getting the exemption, but it's worth a shot, I figure.
  15. revelations521

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    Here in Bradenton, FL....Fox on NFL Sunday Ticket cut way from NO/Panthers and showed all the Cowboys game...Thank God!!
  16. Smith22

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    Yeah, I don't like paying $200+ for the Sunday Ticket and then get stuck watching 3-4 minutes of a game I have no interest in when the game I want to see is ON.

  17. DipChit

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    Another game that could've run way over was that Bucs/Vikes game which was the early game here in Denver. As it happened it ended right on time but it was a "weird" ending.

    With about 1:20 to go, the Bucs just needed to convert a 3rd and 2 to seal the vicory because the Vikes had no timeouts. Well not only did Caddy get the 1st down, but he took it to the house. Course the Bucs are whooping and hollering as tho it was ballgame.. and even the announcers proclaimed the game over at that point.

    Well course it "sucked" that he took it the distance (from my POV since I want the game over NOW) because now the Vikes get the ball back with 1:10. Yeah so Dante threw a pick on the first play..but it could've been a case where that last 1:10 would've taken 15 minutes of real time to play out. Not to mention that for the sake of the actual outcome, if Caddy woulda been tackled b4 taking it the distance, the game would've definitely been over at that point because the Bucs could've kneeled down. By going the distance it actually gave the Vikes at least a chance to pull off a miracle and score 11 points in the last 1:10 to tie the game. Run back the KO or any other cheap TD.. onside kick recovery and then a FG. Stranger things have happened.
  18. sago1

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    How'd you get so lucky to see the Cowboys from Bradenton. I lived outside Tampa near Brandon and got stuck with the Packers/Lions as if anybody gives a so and so about either of them. To make it worse for the 2 weeks before the Cowboys game, Fox had been advertising the Cowboy game. I ended up listening to the game on the internet which stopped/lost the feed early in last quarter when we leading by a FG. So then I went to NFL to catch remainder. The things we Cowboys fans go thru to get info about our team. Oh well, at least on MNF we'll see the Cowboys/Skins game.
  19. dguinta1

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    I sure don' miss those games of having to deal with the damn TV schedules and not getting to watch what you want. Get D TV, soooo worth it. =)
  20. lspain1

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    The Central Florida Fox selections for the "national" games are frequently absolutely nutty. I learned quickly that Sunday Ticket is a must (or a good sports bar) here because Fox makes poor selections routinely from a Cowboys fan perspective. So, yesterday I sat down with Sunday Ticket in High Definition. It is costing me $300 and after one game I'll say it was worth every penny. Sago, find yourself a good sports bar because you will see more of this. Florida has 3 NFL teams and those teams are the focus (as they should be) in the state.

    As a distant fan, I wear my colors with pride and accept the problems that come in an area that often makes game broadcast choices to support all of the transplants from the northern midwest. In Brevard County, I see as many Patriots, Giants, and Steelers fans as I see the Florida teams.

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