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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by ABQCOWBOY, Aug 28, 2009.

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    No I would let them die the extreme left or right. I mean its one thing to have a difference of opinion and I feel most self proclaimed liberals and conservatives have more in common with each other then their extremist brothers on the left or right respectively. The issue I have with both liberals and conservatives is their mouth pieces, Liberals have entertainers and news anchors who feel that their status in society gives them a prospective that should be respected when in reality when the Clooney's and Couric's of the world open their mouths they draw flies and actually alienate anyone but the extreme leftists to their cause. The conservatives have the same problem because they have about 5-6 blowhards on the radio that get all the air time and they do the same thing the liberals do just from a different angle.

    Don't get me wrong I may listen to Rush or Savage or Hannity but I can only stomach their tired act for about 30 minutes. I really wish Jerry Doyle didn't get exiled to radio Siberia here in MD.

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    Much of the problem with hiring illegals, at least on things like construction are the fact that so many of these construction jobs are Union. Unions charge way to much for labor. I can't blame many of these jobs. It's a hard thing to overcome.
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    My opinion is yeah, it sucks, but if someone shows up at the hospital with a broken arm, then yes, we should fix them up. Deport them shortly thereafter, of course, but we need to help them heal first.

    I don't like it, but I don't want to turn people away who are hurt/sick.

    Really, it would be no different than what happens now. You and I pay for it every time an illegal goes to the hospital now, so I'm not sure how anyone would think it'd be different with the healthcare bill .
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    Perhaps a system could be devised so that when the illegals get uninsured care. After treatment they would be required to work off their bill? After all hospitals need housekeepers and janitors to. Then deport them.

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