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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Jack-Reacher, Nov 19, 2005.

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    Which year of the 10th grade?:D
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    My experience with Jones buying and firing Landry is a bit clouded. I was in the hospital having kidney stones removed so I wasn't happy to start with. With that said, I really didn't like the move of firing Landry the way he did it. He bought the team and it was his choice. I think he learned a lesson real quick about messing with the legend of the Cowboys. So from that point on he got the message and he has done a great job preserving the past while incorporating a vision for the future.

    Also, I agree with whoever it was that said the new stadium should bear Landry's name. I know there will be some kind of corporate name attached but it should be something like, Pepsi stadium at Landry Field or some such thing.

    But to answer the question, yes, I have forgiven him for the Landry debacle and fell he's done a great job with preserving the past.
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    I have been with the Cowboys since their first season, their first game and their first draft. I was and am a rabid "Ton Landry fan." I was present with the sportswriters when Irvin was drafted.

    I had the privilege of meeting Landry and asking him questions at the press conference when Irvin was drafted.

    I was as mad as a hornet with JJ because of the way he fired Landry. I had the privilege of counting Jerry Tubbs as a friend. When I ranted and raved about JJ, Tubbs shared with me how JJ was under no obligation to pay the coaches' salaries when he let them go, but he paid all of them a full year's wages.

    Later JJ himself said he was so excited about purchasing the Cowboys and hiring his own staff that he could have handled it better. He accepted the blame for it.

    He did take a helicopter ride to see Landry and to fire him personally. I am sure he would do it differently today if he had it to do over.

    When I heard from the coaches how he treated them with paying their salaries when he was not obligated to do so; and to see him open his pocket book time and again trying to improve the Cowboys, I have forgiven him. Even though he has made many mistakes as owner and GM, no one can dispute his love for the Cowboys and his sincere, though misguided at times, efforts to always place a winning team on the field.

    What other owner/GM has as good of a record of SB wins as JJ? A few, but the list is very short.
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    Count me as one of the guilty parties that wanted Tom Lnadry to go. I loved him and the Cowboys and had been watching them a long, long time. But, I really didn't like the way it was handled. I had hoped that Landry would retire on his own with all the necessary parades and tape. It didn't happen that way. I didn't hate Jerry and Jimmy, but it was a tough transition. I got over it when Landry finally had something to say and he and Jerry talked a little. But that took some time if I recall correctly.

    Actually that transition wasn't as hard for me as it was to watch Staubach leave. Poor Danny White. I'd take him right now over any QB on our roster. But following Staubach, he never had a chance in the hearts and minds of Boy's fans.
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    As an older fan, I concur with your sentiments. By the late 80's and early '90s Landry's time had passed and he simply was too stubborn to see what was best for the franchise.

    I personally never got as upset as the rest of the Cowboy nation about Landry being dismissed, (perhaps it should have been done in a better manner, but I always looked at it like what difference does it make if my boss is nice and says "you're fired" or if he's cold and says "you're fired", the result is the same), because I was sooooo pumped about Jimmy Johnson coming to Dallas. Jimmy at the time was the hottest commodity in football and the one man with the skill, dedication and swagger to revive a once-proud, but then dead franchise. I never got upset about the 1-15 record because it was obvious Jimmy was cleaning house and getting rid of the players who couldn't help him.

    As for Jerry, I always love a guy who tries to win. In the early years of his ownership, I agreed and respected everything he did, because he did it in conjunction with a true football guy in Jimmy Johnson.
    My aggravation with Jerry came when he began trying to run things himself and he didn't know what he didn't know about pro football. Those were sad and trying days. But Jerry showed he learns from mistakes and he turned the reigns back over to a football guy, in Parcells.

    I'm just looking forward to getting #6!! Go Cowboys!!
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    I cant stress enough how much I loved Landry and Schramm but I swear I never had a problem with Jones or Johnson at all. I was completely behind what was being done and supported them 100%, in fact I was a little excited. Landry was beginning to falter and there are well documented instances of him showing signs of age. He made some mistakes on field forgetting downs and the like. I was getting a little frustrated watching the 1st, 2nd a 3rd losing seasons I had ever seen (started watching in 71). The way Jones replaced Landry is said to be cold but at the time it seemed to me
    more attributable to good reporters getting leaked info or finding things out earlier than they were supposed to. Watching the boys rebuild from 1989 to 1992 was one of my favorite periods of being a fan. I have no problem with anything Jones has done, well except the plastic surgery. I will have a problem though if he were to sign Owens.
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    There were not a lot of fans that I knew back then that would agree that Coach Landry needed to stay. It was obvious he had lost his edge and really was having a tough time communicating, especially with the younger players.

    What upset me was the way it was announced. But there was no other alternative as I don't think Coach Landry was going to step aside.
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    You have me by a few years, but I was at a SMU/Baylor game back when that was a big game and saw Meredith play and Ronnie Bull was the big guy on the Baylor team and was a great game. I think it was Don's a senior that year. I th I was a fan of both teams then and when the Cowboys signed Dandy Don I became a Cowboys fan.

    And yes I was a fan of the Dallas Texans/KC Chiefs before and followed them after that, but the Cowboys became my team and it has never changed. There have been many good years and a few bad ones, but more that I could be excited about the players and overall team. I am still mad that we didn't win 4 in a row just because the 2 ego's were so big they could not fit in the same town even if it was something special they had built.

    As to Jerry....I wanted a change at the time, however I was not happy that so much changed and took a wait and see poster about Jerry Jones. The final thing that made me finally have some respect for Jones was when he finally got a real coach again. Jimmy was too much for his ego at the time, but the losing finally broke him from thinking he could just will any coach he wanted to be a winner or even thinking he could do it his self. I was and am still really happy with him getting Parcells to join our team and make it a strong winner again.
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    I've been a Cowboys fan since they were formed in 1960. I loved Landry and was thankful that he was the only coach the Cowboys ever had. But, by 1989 I wanted him gone and JJ did that. I was so sick of screen passes on nearly every other play (they didn't work then either) that I was ready to puke. I didn't hate Jerry or Jimmy and decided to reserve judgement until they had a chance to impact the team. You could see the team steadily getting better and better and I respected them for it.

    I agree with the idea that JJ is the best owner in sports because of his will to win and his willingness to try to make that happen.

    I don't want T.O. on this team and would root for him to beak a leg on his first day in practice with the team so I wouldn't have to watch him stand on the star again. I'd definetly still root for the Cowboys, but not T.O., UNLESS, he underwent an almost complete personality change. I don't think he can do that though. I think he's mentally ill.
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    I thought that Landry should have stepped down. At least part of the blame is on him for failing to recognize when it was time to walk away. The media portrayed Jerry as cold in firing him -- because that made for a better story.
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    Now that is funny!

    Seriously, is he available? Can he play free safety?
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    It was no doubt Dallas was at a franchise low point. I didn't like the way JJ handled Landry. I thought he deserved more respect and a more gracefull exit and to have stayed on in some capacity.

    As it turned out it was probably the correct decision.
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    Good post there Mike I agree...
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    I hated Jerry right out of the gate. I was completly and utterly dumbstruck with the firing and the corporate seizure of the Dallas Cowboys. I was young and didn't understand the ramifications of Landry staying around. He was not the coach he was even 2 years prior. However his genius of Troy Aikman was a last defining gift for Dallas. I was a hard core Landry Homer with the rosiest rose colored glasses ever made and gallons of koolaide at my disposal. I loved the guy and will forever more. He's a founding father in the NFL and that will never change.

    It took me all of 2 years to start liking "the Jerry". We were headed in the right direction and we had an owner who was interested in winning and as a fan, one could ask for nothing more.

    Then he started doing things like over pay athletes, make stupid commercials about his ignorance with a salary cap and intervene in daily football operations etc., etc. When Jimmy left I was sure of it.....I hated him. He then started to use his team to "keep up with the Jones's" (no pun intended) and ruined everything he had worked for. He then hired Switzer......Hated it. He then hired Chan.....hated it. He then hired from within so as not to be interrupted with draft picks and the direction he THOUGHT he wanted to take this team......hated it. Hey he's the owner, he can do that if he wants.

    Yep, I hated Jerry for about 5 years. I felt my efforts, (all of sitting down, drinking a beer or 10 and Bi***** about how bad we sucked......hey it takes alot out of a fella) were fruitless. As long as Jerry thought he knew how to pick talent and run a football team from a field level we didn't stand a chance.

    Now. The day Jerry admitted to himself he couldn't do the above mentioned things with any success by hiring a coach that could....well, you'd have to be a complete schmuck not to appreciate his self-evaluation and then freely admitting it to the world. I started to like him again. The final act to bring me full circle into appreciating, respecting and even liking Jerry is that he stepped back and let coach do what he needed to do to get us back in position to be winners again. Here's my Porche, my wife and my home....have at it. That makes for one helluva man in my opinion.

    I like "the Jerry" now. He's doing what an owner should do, shell out the clams, sit in your box, cheer your arse off and let Bill be Bill. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, your part of the big picture that makes it all work. Remain content with that and we all live happily ever after.

    No comment on Philly's #81. Can't do anything about it either way.

    By the way....nice thread young man.
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    I have friends who still don't watch the Cowboys after the Landry firing. I think the second head coach firing affected me more just because the franchise had finally been fixed, we were given another coaching legend, and we had finally forgiven the owner.... and then he goes and fires Jimmy too! I know coaches don't stay around that long in today's NFL, but it would have been neat if the Cowboys only had 2 head coaches in their entire history, Landry and Johnson. Or better yet, 3 coaches, Landry, Jimmy and the Tuna. Jerry disgraced the head coaching position of the most famous franchise in the NFL. It was a special position, Landry made it that, and Jerry turned the franchise into a brothel for head coaches. I also haven't forgiven him for the incredibly stupid drafts. Who knows what he's like behind closed doors, but Jerry seems like a genuine guy and I like him as a person, just not as an NFL owner. Mark my words, as soon as Parcells leaves, this team will collapse again. Jerry has his confidence back up and thinks he can run a team again.

    As far as how it relates to the TO situation, I feel the same way about TO that I did about Deion. Don't like the guy that much, but he has unbelievable talent and is a team player as long as his damn contract isn't in dispute. He would be a hired gun but he'd win us some games.
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    Well thank you Hollywood. :)
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    My dad is one of those fans. I am a Cowboys fan today because of my dad and now he wants nothing to do with them.

    The poor guy is a huge Texan fan now :eek:
    I remember the firing clearly. I was about 8 or 9 and was very upset. My dad was swearing off the Cowboys and my sports world was collapsing. I was a wreck when I heard that Walker had been traded. He was THE man and I could not believe that they would trade him.

    I read a small article by Landry in a Cowboys history book a few years ago and was heartbroken. He said that he knew that it was his time to go, but that he did not want to turn over a losing team to the next coach. He wanted to get the ship righted first and he never got that chance. I got the impression that he left the game feeling like a failure and it kills me that he might have felt that because he damn sure was not a failure in anyway.

    If Jerry brings TO into Dallas, I will be furious. We are finally shaking the demons of Jerry's ego, getting young talent in here and putting wins up and he might ruin it all by bringing TO into the lockerroom.

    TO is worse than Bryant was and look how well Antonio turned out for us, especially under Parcells. TO has mental issues that even Parcells cannot work with.
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    This isn't going to help your fainting spells.
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    Hey you bastage! Don't you be disrespecting my new friendship.

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