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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Jack-Reacher, Nov 19, 2005.

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    For those of us who were fans of the cowboys when Jerry Jones bought the team certainly recall all of the turmoil he created almost immediately. The firing of Coach Landry in particular and the hiring of Jimmy Johnson who was hated almost unanimously at first. The question is this: At what point did you begin to appreciate what Jerry Jones has done for the franchise? Do you appreciate what he has done? Has he honored the legacy of this team?

    I think most old timers would remember that the Cowboys of the late 80s were a dismal team, and Coach Landry was going to be retired regardless. Gil Brandt was dreading having to make that move, and Jerry Jones saved him the agony by buying the team. I want to say that I thought Landry had indeed been fired before the sale, but just not told, and I could be wrong on this point. However, Jones was blamed for firing Landry. The 1989 Cowboys were also dismal, under Jimmy Johnson's first year. They did however manage to keep from getting skunked that year by beating Washington. I don't remember much negativism regarding Jimmy that year though, other than his exuberance. He got off the hook by beating Washington.

    Both Jerry and Jimmy were young eager football people, out to prove they could be a success in restoring the Cowboys to fame. The 1990 season started things out on the right track, winning 7 games. There was hope, and the fans were coming back to the stadium.

    In 1991, the Cowboys were 11-5. Who could not like what Jerry and Jimmy were doing. They owned the town, and although they beat the Bears in post-season, they lost to Detroit the next week to end their season.

    In 1992, they were 13-3 in the regular season, and won the Super Bowl. Landry was forgotten by most, and Jimmy began to have ego matches with Jerry.

    In 1993, a repeat Super Bowl win, and Jones led the induction of Landry into the Ring of Honor.

    In 1994, Johnson and Jones parted ways, and Barry Switzer entered as the Cowboys' third coach in history. Jones was not the most popular man in Dallas thereafter, probably until he hired Parcells.

    I ask this question because of the questions surrounding TO possibly coming to Dallas. No this isn’t a what do you think of TO it just got me to thinking that it could set JJ back almost as much as he was when he bought the team.

    He made bigger blunders than T.O. will amount to. Jones has to learn the hard way on most things.

    I personally could not stand the guy initially and it wasn’t until the trouble between Jerry and Jimmy that I started warming up to the guy. I realized then that he is dedicated to winning but I still had reservations about him. The hiring of Bill Parcells has since removed all of my reservations and the fact that he has relinquished control to Parcells played a major role in this.

    Jones wasn't the hero in the Jimmy Johnson affair. Jimmy was the coach, and I still think would have won the third straight Super Bowl in 1994. The fact that Switzer won it in 1995 only proves my point that the team was so good, they shouldn't have lost in 1994, and wouldn't have had Johnson still been the coach.
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    I was born in 1969 and my first recollection of football was gearing up with my father to watch SB 12... Manster & "Beautiful" Harvey Martin, Roger the Dodger throwing a TD to diving Butch Johnson, the trickery of Newhouse throwing a FB pass... WOW, I was hooked forever at that time... I cried my eyes out when we lost SB 13... I then familiarized myself with momentum Jackie Smith dropped TD pass... Lynn Swann's jumping highlight TD catch shortly thereafter...

    But the sale of the Cowboys to Jerry stuck in my craw for a while... I still watched, but half-heartedly due to the losing seasons... I always said, yeah oh well. Owned by Arkansas and coached by Miami... I hated that... I started to come back around in 1991 and followed feverishly in 1992. The Cowboys were born again with a fast defense and a sledgehammer offense... I've watched completely ever since... History remains to be written for 2005-06. GET R DONE!!
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    Has this been posted? :eek:
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    That's what I want to know.

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    No disrespect, just awe.
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    I began to appreciate Jerry Jones the day Tom Landry was fired. Landry was great, but the game had passed him by.....
    We needed new blood and quick! Thank goodness Jerry picked Jimmy. The rest is history...
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    I was a very spoiled fan in my early years. My first Cowboys game to ever watch was in the 1991 season, and the first full season I watched was 1992. We had won 3 SBs before I was 11 :laugh2:

    It just made the last decade even tougher to stomach though :(
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    I doubt anyone would feel the way they feel about Jimmy, but I bet a lot would still have respect for Jerry.

    Look at Washington. Snyder's hiring of Spurrier was bold and aggressive, but it failed. In the end, Skins fans (for the most part) still respect Snyder for trying to improve the team but hate Spurrier for his incompetence.
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    That's not a fair comparison. Have Snyder FIRE Joe Gibbs and replace him with Spurrier and then get back to me. ;)
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    Day 1. I thought Landry had to go.
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    Yes, but JJ handled it very poorly
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    In some ways I hated to see the Landry/Schramm/Brandt regime go. But on the other hand it had become obvious that something had to be done.
    I knew nothing about Jerry Jones when he bought the team. I did know that a lot of people hated Jimmy Johnson. In sports, being hated usually means you are really good at what you do. I had a gut feeling that Jimmy would turn things around but never expected it to be so quick.
    I started to really appreciate Jerry jones in the late '90s when it was becoming apparent he would do anything to make Dallas successful and that he genuinely loved the Cowboys.
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    Only. :D
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    Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones had me on board right away. Once I saw the enthusiasm they brought to the organization and how they couldn't believe Vince Albritton and Mike Sherrard were left unprotected in Plan B free agency-- I was immediately convinced they would have a much better shot of bringing in a winner than Landry could have.

    For Dallas to truly change, Tom Landry had to leave as head coach AND Brandt and Schramm also had to go.

    The work ethic required to keep up with the number of innovations and twists and new teams that were springing up seemingly all the time throughout the 80's required coaches who could connect with players and also who could put in the time to add those extra wrinkles.

    Tom, while a hard worker, was coasting at that point in his career. He and his staff would head home at 5:00PM every day. The imagination and innovation that had served him well during his run as coach was longer enough. Other coaches had built upon what he and many other coaches had done throughout the NFL's history and they were taking it to new levels. Gibbs and Walsh with their offenses and Ryan and Parcells with their defense.

    Dallas was not only behind the coaching curve, the GM'ing left much to be desired. For example, all this innovation was further and powered by that great draft of 1983, where the Cowboys's scouting staff was also in cruise control and while they did draft Jim Jeffcoat, they came away with far less than what other teams did. Reggie Collier and Chris Shultz were barely backup players, meawhile Chicago landed on a goldmine with a 1st round (Jimbo Covert, Willie Gault) as impressive as its 8th round (Mark Bortz and Richard Dent) along with starters Mike Richardson, Dave Duerson, and Tom Thayer. Bad luck like Mike Sherrard's injury did not help things.

    Had Landry, Brandt, etc. stayed on the franchise would have slid into obscurity as it was not their nature to make bold moves. For example, Landry simply couldn't believe Johnson and Jones traded Walker and were will to gamble on the draft, but Johnson knew a lot of the players coming out of the draft and was able to build one of the deepest teams in history. Having Irvin, Emmitt, and Aikman didn't hurt either, but you make your own luck, IMO.
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    Most of us began to appreciate what he did after winning another SB and knowing IRvin, Emmitt and Aikman were going to be here for a good while.
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    I'm glad that someone finally told the story correctly.
    It was reported (in the Dallas papers) that Jerry would be bringing a NEW head coach with him if his purchase of the 'Boys went through. There were reports all over the place about Jerry dining in Dallas with Jimmy.
    Landry KNEW (beyond any doubt) that he was through as head coach of the 'Boys. But did he STAY in Dallas for the announcement? No! He "ran off to Austin" so he wouldn't have to face anyone. Then, he went to the golf course (and didn't tell anyone) so he couln't be found. Reporters finally tracked him down there and the press made a big deal out of it. To hear them tell it, Landry had no idea that the Cowboys even were up for sale (a process that took months to finalize.......)
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    Yes, the “if” does change the dynamic of the question but that is what its intent was. My question is do you consider him successful because he is bold or is it because he made a bold move and it paid off. Those are two very different reasons. It is easy to look back at it and say I would have supported it regardless but I doubt anyone would have. Being bold just for the nature of being bold is not always a positive thing.

    As a business consultant then you also know that you must plan for and realize the risks of the “what if”. Certainly it is easy to get mired in mediocrity if you allow fear of your actions to prevent any bold actions. However, simply being a risk taker does not equate to sound business strategy. Long term strategic planning by its very nature is designed to reduce the risks of actions taken.

    The TO issue cannot be looked at with the only question being can he help us get to the Super Bowl. That is one of the questions that have to be asked but in all fairness to the organization you have to ask all of the tough questions and you have to consider both best and worst case scenarios. If, in your mind you feel that the best case scenario payoff exceeds the worst case scenario cost then the decision is a simple one to make. You sign him and bring him in. However, if you tend to believe like I do that the best case scenario reward is not equal to but less than the worst case scenario cost then you pass on TO. This argument is meaningless in that neither one of us have the ability to make this decision anyway. Our only control is whether or not we attend the games or buy the merchandise etc etc.

    I agree with you that Jerry’s boldness has defined this team. I appreciate what he has done for the franchise. It took him bringing in Parcells and admitting that he didn’t know everything about football for me to finally quit questioning his every move.

    You can make an argument against boldness using Al Davis and Bob Kraft as examples. Al Davis is certainly known as a bold owner yet his actions have not equated into titles. Bob Kraft on the other hand is much more passive and his success has rivaled Jerry’s. Just being bold isn’t enough. Your boldness has got to pay off or man’s low tolerance for risk will eventually catch up with you.

    My point in all of this, and I apologize for taking this long to get to it is this: Jerry’s success is what drove his popularity. The fact that he took risks could have and has burned him in the past. While I concur that it is nice to see a guy willing to risk a lot to gain a lot, the risk itself isn’t the defining factor. It is ultimately the success or failure of the risk that will define the action, not the action itself.

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    I remember a picture of Landry talking to Aikman while UCLA practiced at Texas Stadium in preparation for the Cotton Bowl. He probably thought he'd be coaching him ...
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    47 years young,
    Don't blame Jerry for moving on without landry(the legend) it's how he did it. I may never 100% forgive him. winning 3 SB'S helps.

    Jerry's relationship with Parcells and what he's learning from Parcells will pay dividends years after Parcells retires.

    Jimmy Johnson the most overrated coach of all time! I appreciated the championships, but I believe Hershel W trade was the biggest reason, we had depth and talent that was unbelievable. If I can remember correctley thank JJ for that trade.
    I only wish when he fired Jimmy he didn't hire Switzer URGGHHH!!!!

    As far as TO-next question

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