Question for those predicting Horton

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheFinisher, Jan 8, 2013.

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    I agree Horton can flat out coach....anyone that says different is either a moron or maybe Ray stole their girlfriend many years ago and they're butt hurt. HOWEVER, I got news for you boys: Lovie can FLAT OUT COACH TOO....yes he's a native Texan, and he's soft spoken but make no mistake he is a MAN and will command those guys attention from day one: and they will improve big time. He's one of the better defensive minds in the game: Tampa Two or not.

    Roshi is right, the big time trend right now is offensive guys so I truly don't think he'll get a HC slot: I for one will be VERY excited if it's Lovie: we will have to pay and pay big but so what? It's JJ's money, so I couldn't care less about that. Lovie is my #1 choice guys: I live 3 hrs from Chicago and I'm VERY familiar with him: hes' the real deal in every way and the POLAR opposite of Rob Ryan's clown act. GREAT choice. O.Coordinator? worry about that tomorrow.....;)
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    That is the BEST we could have hoped for .
    I pray your right !
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    I am HOPING for Lovie Smith. That would just thrill me.

    For one thing, I like him as a man. Without having met him, he just seems like a genuine, decent, good man. It sounds silly, and the truth is, if he couldn't coach defense I wouldn't care...

    Which brings me to the real reason. The guy can coach a defense. His teams always bring pressure, and they always create turnovers. I would love to see what he could do with the players here.
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    And Gruden???? Hmmmm.
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    I don't think Rob deserved to get fired, but if we can replace him with Lovie Smith, then I'm perfectly OK with that.

    Lovie is one of my favourite coaches.

    Agree with IR. I don't see teams being geniunely interested in him, especially the teams that he's been speaking with.
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    If Lovie is as smart as I think he is, he will absolutely take a defensive coordinator job in Dallas if he gets passed over for a head coaching job.

    For one thing, coaching the Cowboys is still as big a stage as a coach is going to get. I mean, the guy who just lost his job got a ton of air time and his name was always in ink.

    If this team does well, your name is right back in the mix as one of the real hot commodities.

    If by some chance, Jason Garrett falls on his face, Jerry Jones is very likely to turn to you to get things fixed.

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