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    you guys were very helpful to me last time i had a question.. i cant make it to games very often, so I am not knowledgable about these things.. OK, I am looking for two tickets to the game.. I know that there is always people selling tickets when you go to the games.. question is, do they sell them for a lot more than the face value? or are they just trying to get them off their hands? if I went with $200 to spend, any chance I could get two tickets?
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    OK, I feel awkward answering this one.

    The closer it gets to game time the cheaper seats will be.

    However Vs. KC there will probably be a strong contingent of KC fans trying to get tickets as well.

    Make sure you have a stadium diagram, so you can look at where the seats are located when you purchase.
    Make sure you are buying seats next to each other and not piggy backed or in different areas.
    Make sure that you have a good time and cheer for your team (because I wont be).

    200 bucks should get you in somewhere.
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