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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Signals, Feb 13, 2013.

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    I am having a minor challenge locating something on the web and figured you guys could help me out.

    While I was serving in Tuscaloosa Alabama in 2011 helping with tornado disaster relief I discovered that the local cable company, Carter Cable, was required by law to provide me with basic local cable reception by the FCC for about $8 to $10 bucks a month.

    This was actually something I stumbled upon while perusing Charters website before calling to have cable TV set up. I found this after clicking on an unassuming link at the bottom of a page, buried deep within the site.

    When I called to speak with the rep to make an appointment, the rep explained that it was a legal requirement by the FCC that they provide me with basic reception (Local Network, Public Stations and local Access stations) for a very nominal cost.

    So in the end I ended up paying like $10.50 per month for cable for the three months that I was there.

    I have digging around on Google trying to find supporting evidence of the law to determine whether or not this was something local to the State of Alabama, or whether this was/is a National requirement.

    I have not been able to locate anything for the State of Texas and thought perhaps I am just not using the right search terms, and I have used several possibilities.

    SO at the expense of sounding like I am just trying to get you all to do my thinking for me, do any of you all have any idea's on search terms that I haven't thought of yet?
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    It would have been local, I work for a cable provider here in Texas and our limited tier with locals is 25.00
    except a couple area where local rules make it less than 10
    and some areas we cover do not even offer a local only tier
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    Did this start when they switched all channels from analog to digital and it possibly messing with the few people that got free local channels by only using an antenna?
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    I don't have any idea.
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    Not that I know for sure or have any sort of legal background but if it was an FCC requirement I don't see why it wouldn't apply to all the states.

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