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    I know DMAC has been discussed to death but lately I've been seeing his name slipping down further and further in the draft boards....

    What number do you would think he would have to slip to before Jerry pulls the trigger?

    I saw one mock that had DMAC slipping to Denver at 12 and I thought there is no way this would happen

    I personally think if he passes #9 we'll jump and get him - talent like that can only fall so far....

    Flame away!
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    I think that would depend on the trading partner and how motivated they woul dbe to add picks. The Raiders at 4 are our best chance and I think that is too high.

    I don't know that Jerry would seriously inquire until he slides to 10. He might, but I have a hard time believing he would because this means that the other top backs are falling as well. In other words he may start thinking he can get Mendenhall if he just stays at 22.

    Hard to say. I don't believe he will fall that far.
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    Jerrah will do nothing unless Dmac slides to 8 or 9. If that happens then I see him starting to make calls.
  4. DFWJC

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    Yeah 8-10 sounds about right. And it depends on who takes DMC when assuming if the other RBs would slide. You know, if the usual suspects that were already possibilites for Mendenhall or Stewart had not yet picked yet, then a DMC slide effects nothing. He could slide all the way to 12 or 13 before it may impact the other RB slections.

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    I think the latest would probably have to be 12. If he gets past the Jets, then I think NE and Baltimore probably both pass on him. This assumes nobody else trades up for him. Cincy might be a wild card because they may elect to go strong on the running game as opposed to trying to get another WR. The best WR prospect in this draft, IMO is Hardy but I doubt they take another player, much less WR with questionable backround issues. This could also play with DMac. He has had some issues and they may not want to draft another player viewed as "Thug". I think they go in another direction. I doubt the Saints would after Bush but you never know. The Bills really don't need a RB. Denver could very well take a RB. They were 9th in the NFL last season but Travis Henry is a headache, to say the least. They have Selvin Young but he's not a 250 carry back. DMac's running style also fits there offense. I think they would take him right there. If not Denver, then Carolina for sure. They signed Toefield, Davis retired, Foster was released, they have DeAngelo Williams and contrary to some opinions, I do think they like him. He rushed for over 700 yards last year with a AYC of 5.0 That's pretty good but if they matched him with DMac, that would be awsome! In fact, If DMac slid, I think you could see both he and Mendenhall come off the board one right after the other.

    I think we would have to trade to 11 at the latest.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    I really wish Miami would end the suspense and take DMAC with the first pick. That would sure make the first round more enjoyable.
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    I would MUCH rather trade up in round 2 for Felix Jones or Chris Johnson or Jamaal Charles and use BOTH our 1st round picks (which we'd have to give up to move up) on a FUTURE #1 W.R. and whoever else we decide, FUTURE #1 C.B. or whoever!
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    You're in the range where I believe he'd move up to and get him. Maybe the 10-12 spot if he's there. So, yeah, 9 isn't out of the question.

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