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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 16, 2013.

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    I doubt he uses the jumbo packages on 4th and short like so many coaches who have fallen into that trap. The one place the read option has an advantage is in short yardage with 4 wides and the defense spread.

    The difference with Kelly though isn't whether he goes for it on 4th and short as many coaches will. He'll go for it on 4th and 4 from the opponents 40. He'll also take advantage of the 2 point conversion. If a team can average 51% conversion, it's points on the board over a season.
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    I hope he does, no one cares about the 51% but the 49% failure that can cost you big.

    How Kelly does is anyone guess but it is far from a given that he will come into the NFL and set the league on fire.
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    Let's not confuse your down-time with an actual coach's down time. ;)
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    absolutely love to hear that kiffin is wholly committed.

    only downside is that probably means he hasn't seen this film before taking the job. so he has less an idea of what to do with many guys than ryan would have had he stayed and spent his off-season at the buffet table.

    kiffin can coach. he is certainly aging and evidence suggest max coaching age is in the 40s but his expertise or dedication has never been my issue.

    i do question the players he has and the ammo we have to assist him in getting new ones. and i dont think many folks would hire a 72 year old for a transformative move.

    he is here now and i'll hope for the best but this doesn't make much logical sense to me. other than if you wanted a 1 year coach to get you through to 2014 and a new staff. ---but then it makes little sense to hire 5+ new assts. unless one of those is a head coach in waiting for 2014.... basically just logically hard to figure.
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    I have more issues with the players he has then the coach. It's been like this forever but Jerry seems to always think the quick fix is by switching coaches. He better be ready to upgrade both lines this offense. No amount of coaching can make a scrub into a formidable players. Right now the oline is full of scrubs and the dline is full of jags.
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    My gosh, makes you wonder why any organization in the NFL has ever changed coaches. You just get new players, and all of a sudden Rich Kottite is a Hall of Famer. And apparently after you've adequately prepared for a job, you're just supposed to quit watching tape altogether after you've taken the job? Huh, news to me.

    As far as Kiffin at USC ... you're only given around 20 hours to practice with your players a week by NCAA rules. Not surprising a coach like Kiffin who is renowned for his meticulousness and attention to detail on technique as the foundation of his philosophy wouldn't find that kind of environment conducive to his coaching philosophy. That's not even getting into the fact that his starting front 7 was comprised of 4 sophomores, 1 JUCO transfer and true freshman. Especially when coaching against a coach like like Kelly who has had 7 seasons to implement his schemes at Oregon and verse his players on how to manipulate every wrinkle and nuance and every kitchen sink play. Kelly runs that offense in college against a bunch of young kids who only play a few years before graduating and never see his offense more than once a season. I'm interested in seeing how it works against 27 year old veterans who have no practice limits who will face him multiple times a season.

    I dunno, I'm still skeptical this read option is going to stick around long term in the NFL. I think the more NFL defensive coaches face it and the more film they get on it, they less effective it will be. There's probably a reason why the 49ers have kept it on ice for several weeks and waited to unveil it for the playoffs. If it's just really that great of a base package, why not run it throughout the regular season, get really great at executing it and just dare opponents to stop you? Because it's largely dependent on the element of surprise and unfamiliarity I guarantee you, DeMarcus Ware (or any other DE) isn't just going to stand there dumbfounded as to whether to take RG3 or the pitchman next season. He's just going to blast RG3 whether he pitches it or not, and then after about 4 plays of having to scrape RG3 off the turf the Redskins will decide maybe they shouldn't run that play anymore.

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