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Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Ever since he joined the site last year I have kept in touch with Brad Sham. I invited him to do a Q & A with the fans here and this morning he let me know he is ready to do this.

    So please post some questions you would like me to send to him.

    Take advantage of this opportunity to hear from a true Cowboys broadcasting legend.

    He's going to have the URL to this thread so if you don't want to ask a question but would like to send him a message you are welcome to do that as well.
  2. percyhoward

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    Who is the greatest Dallas QB and why?
  3. garrett316

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    Fantastic. I live in Pittsburgh but have Sirius and listen to Brad and Babe.


    Thanks for doing this. I met you in Chicago a few years back and you were extremely gracious and were kind enough to take a photo with me in the lobby of the hotel prior to the Cowboys/Bears game.

    my questions: What is your most memorable or favorite game as the Cowboys play by play man? Who was the most enjoyable player to cover or talk to over the years?

    Thanks again to the best play by play guy in the business,

    Pittsburgh, PA
  4. SDogo

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    What's your most memorable called game Cowboys or otherwise and how did it compare to making your acting debut in the movie "W"?
  5. Phoenix

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    Brad is a broadcasting legend. I have enjoyed listening to him on the Cowboys Radio Network for soooooo many years!

    I would like to ask:

    Brad, do you keep in touch still with Verne Lundquist? And by the way, the encyclopedic knowledge exhibited by both Brad and Verne over the years about the Cowboys has always been astonishing. Is Verne actually a Cowboys fan, or was he just that well prepared (back in the day)?
  6. Zaxor

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    I listen to Brad and Babe and they are fantastic the both of them...I couldn't imagine better.

    first a statement than a question...

    Brad do your fans a favor and take good care of yourself, I hope I don't offend but with added weight come heart strain.

    Brad who was your best color man and what is your favorite color man story.
  7. bbailey423

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    Did the Cowboys coaches and pro scouts have input on the decision to bring Roy Williams to Dallas...and were they all in agreement that bringing him here would be a good decision?
  8. CowboyDan

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    Thank you, Brad, for taking the time to answer our questions, and thank you, Hostile, for setting this up. :)

    My question for Brad is:

    Can you share one interesting nuggett of info, or one story, about the team, a particular player, coach or owner, or stadium that hasn't been shared with the fans over the years in a book or film? Just curious if there's still some dirt left that hasn't been unearthed already.
  9. cowboyjoe

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    Mr Brad Sham, I have enjoyed listening to you for years as Dallas Cowboys Broadcast Legend. Truly admire your work and your input on cowboys for us cowboys fans. I always turn down the tv, and listen to your broadcast of the game when you cover the Cowboys.

    With the CBA possible lockout, do you think that the Cowboys will have time to implement their new defense under Rob Ryan, and Jason Garrett have time to get his training camp underway with more pad work and attention to detail.

    Have you heard of any free agents that the Cowboys are interested in to help out on defense and especially offensive line?

    Watching training camp, what did you think of Teddy Williams as a possible CB, since you saw Cornell Green play his early years with no football experience and Bob Hayes play with little college background either.

    What one player on the team as a young player impresses you that is basically unheard of, that you think will step up and possibly make an impact and help the Cowboys?

    Finally how would you label Coach Jason Garrett, babe laufenberg has said that he reminds him of Bill Walsh as a coach, what do you think?
  10. Cajuncowboy

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    Thank you Mr. Sham for doing this. We all really appreciate it.

    You've seen so many great Cowboys in your time, who would you say deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame the most who isn't currently there, and why?

    Again thank you and I am looking forward to hearing more from you going forward.
  11. MonsterD

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    Do we know who the "mole" was during the T.O. fiasco is now?
  12. casmith07

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    Thanks for taking the time to do this, Mr. Sham.

    In all your years broadcasting for the Cowboys, what is your most cherished memory of Coach Landry?

    Thanks again.
  13. bigE79

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    Hello mr sham,my question is,what do you think of jason garrett hiring rob ryan?thank you
  14. pancakeman

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    Thanks for participating. Your voice is a key part of countless great Cowboys memories for me.

    What big moment in Cowboys history are you proudest of the way you called?

    What big moment are you most embarrassed about the way you called?
  15. tupperware

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    Thanks this should be interesting. Here is my question.

    Who from the current Cowboy team is your favorite or interesting to interview and why?

    Thanks again.
  16. Tobal

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    Brad you're great!!

    How hard is it to remian unbiased in your commentary?

    You do a fantastic job of that and knowing that you build relationships with some of the players and coaches I would guess it's hard to do sometimes.

    A followup can you tell a funny story about a player or coach who wasn't so happy you stayed unbiased?
  17. CrazyCowboy

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    Mr. Sham,

    Randy "Manster" White is my all-time favorite Cowboy. I read over the years that he was a tough SOB and heard stories of how other teams players or his his own team mates would not mess with Randy.

    Can you share one story that you have heard about Randy?


  18. Apollo Creed

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    Brad, you're the man - what do you think of Darren Woodsons chances to make it to Canton? I feel if he played for any other team he'd find a way in.
  19. Plankton

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    Brad, you left your seat as PBP man for the Cowboys after the 1994 season - a season where you, in a pregame commentary prior to a preseason game, intimated that Jerry Jones was a man who could not be trusted to tell the truth. You returned to your rightful place as PBP man for the Cowboys in 1998. How difficult was it to return, and how has your relationship with Jerry Jones been since that time?
  20. theebs

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    Hi Brad,

    I am a big fan. I cant imagine watching a cowboys game without Yourself, Babe and Kristie Scales.

    Speaking of the 3 of you, There is alot of humor in the broadcasts that I enjoy between the three of you, one of my favorites is "there is a flag on the play...Im not sure what it is but I know its not icing" I really enjoy all that stuff.....any chance you guys take your show on the road in the offseason!!!:p:

    kidding of course.

    My serious question is, Knowing that yourself and Babe Laufenberg are friends with the garrett's and there is a perception out there already locally that you will only promote the positive will you change or alter your broadcast in any way?

    Thanks for all the great years of calling games. I cant tell you how much I enjoy listening to the Radio broadcasts...over and over!

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