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Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by Hostile, May 31, 2009.

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    Mr. Green,

    Thanks for all that you did while playing for the Cowboys. You were a key cog at a time when the team was becoming a 'household name'. Without great players such as yourself that might not have been possible.

    Here's my question sir.

    You played during the 60's and 70's which was right around the time that the NFL was growing into more than just a game. Are you surprised at how big of a business the NFL game has grown into as we sit here in 2009?
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    What did you like better about the game back then and on the other hand, how has the game improved over the years?
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    If we gave you your old jersey #34, would you be able to cover the receivers of today....and if much money do you want?

    The team needs you man.....come on, I think you still got it in ya.
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    Mr Green, I loved watching you as a young kid when I was growing up. Just loved seeing you play for the cowboys. As you have with your lifes history, grown with the cowboys from losing times to winning big games. Do you see a coorelation with the cowboys in the late 60's that couldnt win the big one, to the present day cowboys now?

    What advice would you give the cowboy players now?

    Finally, when herb adderly came to the cowboys, he showed you and others his super bowl ring and said I am going to show you, why you havent been winning the big games or how to win one of these super bowl rings. What did you learn from Herb Adderly back then, that maybe the present day cowboys might not be doing now?
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    I can answer that but I'd like to hear from him. He did play with Russell as well as Paul Silas and KC Jones.

    Here's a link: in case someone hasn't already posted it. Didn't read the whole thread. Yet.
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    Hey Mr. Green,

    We went to the same HS. I don't really have a question, but, if you get a chance, you should stop by the new ECHS. It looks MUCH better than the decaying building I remember (class of '99).
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    one more question Mr Green, Mr Bob Lily said to him the cowboys were in physical shape, but not hitting shape. As you probably have heard, the Cowboys training camp last year, wade didnt allow hitting the first 25 days.

    So, can a pro football team be ready to play professional football without hitting like wade works them come crunch time in big games? Did Coach Tom Landry ever have no hitting in camp too?

    Thanks; joe
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    Hello> I would like to know how you made the transition from your playing days to today. Any life lessons from the field you have put back into play in everyday life?
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    Cornell, and if I may call you Cornell, it was stated in the book "Landry's Boys" that you were outspoken or one of the so-called "radicals" on the early Cowboys. Radical because you could not understand hotels that did not admit African Americans. You could not understand blacks rooming only with blacks and the same with white teammates. You were radical because of the pay disparities. Anyway, what do you say to the modern black athlete today, in light of the big money they are making, about what they might owe the older players who paved the way and about taking care of their money and investing wisely instead of making it rain and stuff.
    I await your answer, sir.

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