QUESTIONS: Post your questions for DMN Columnist Todd Archer

Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    DMN Columnist Todd Archer has graciously accepted our invite to respond to questions from the members.

    We'll leave the thread stickied for about a week, so get your questions in now!

  2. AdamJT13

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    Same question I've had for every other beat reporter --

    How much time per week do you spend watching and breaking down games that you've recorded?
  3. cowboyjoe

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    I would like to know when you view the rookies, and first year starters last year, who impresses you making you think that player has something,

    1. How is rodney hannah TE doing,
    2. Is Doug Free and James Marten improving
    3, All of us cowboy fans, would really like to know what is isiah stanback 40 yard time, some reports had him at 4.56 or slower, WHAT IS HIS 40 NOW?
    4. Is Roy Williams finally coming in during the offseason and working out gett ing in shape???????? Reports are that every year, the cowboys staff had to beg him to come in, which looks like he always is too overweight, so is he working out finally:
    5. What first year players and 2nd year players are impressing you, which players do you see regressing?
    6. Finally, to me, we havent had some kick in the bottom players that made the players tow the line, show what it takes to become champions, like when the cowboys traded for charles haley, aikman said the whole team saw what it took to become champions, or like when the young cowboys in late 1960's couldnt win the big one, they got Mike Dikta, Lance Alworth, and herb adderly, adderly said showing off his super bowl rings to the cowboys he said, im going to show you guys how to become champions and what it takes to win, SO DO WE FINALLY HAVE SOME OF THOSE KICK TAKE NO PRISONERS GUYS THAT WILL MAKE THE OTHER PLAYERS TOW THE LINE AND BE ACCOUNTALBE, ????????
  4. Nav22

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    "Zoners"? Why are you stealing CrazyCowboy's bit? ;)
  5. WoodysGirl

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    His crazy is rubbing off on me...

    Now ask Todd a question..
  6. DaBoys4Life

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    Tnew mans contract situation have they been in talks?

    Why did the boys take Jones over Mendenhall?

    Was there a need to draft a TE on the first day again.

    Contract talks with MB3 where are they at.

    Are the cowboys happy with the production of Marcus Spears.
  7. dallasfaniac

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    In High School and College, were you the person playing football or the one writing about it for Monday's school newspaper?

    How would you compare your stay in Dallas to those covering the Dolphins and Bengals?

    Pats your favorite team growing up?

    Any suggestions for the Internet beat writers that have been springing up left and right? Seems like anyone that has any HTML skills, $9.99 a month in allowance to pay for a hosting company and likes watching football has become an expert as of late.

    Have you gotten the chance to see how the new coaches all interact with each other? Any word on how Campo is going to maximize Roy Williams' talent.

    Any info about players that really doesn't deserve it's own story but is interesting to note anyway?
  8. Hostile

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    By far my favorite article last off season was your story of the trip to San Antonio with Romo, Witten, and Newman. Obviously the same type of travel story can't happen with the Camp being in Oxnard this year, so I am wondering what you can do that is just as entertaining? The interaction between the players as far as the jokes, teasing, etc. is so appealing to the fans because we see their human side come out. What can you do to show this side again?
  9. Dawgs0916

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    Would you mind divulging the career path you took to reach the point where you are now? I was planning on majoring in broadcast journalism, but have since changed my mind to flat out journalism. Seemed like there would be too much crooked dealings in the broadcast business.

    So I am going to Texas Tech in the fall as an incoming freshman, and have already applied for their newspaper staff, and currently write for my towns newspaper, what other advice can you give me? My dream is to be where you, and the rest of the reporters who cover the Cowboys on a daily basis are. I played football all four years of high school so its not like I am just one of those who talk as if they know what players go through.

    Any hints of what to do while in college, after college, etc. Any help would be amazing and I would really appreciate it....when I was thinking broadcasting I asked similiar questions to a guest who offered to answer questions, but I never got a response. I would love to hear inside stories and tips on how to come out ahead of others, and get to where you are. Thanks a million!
  10. 2233boys

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    When will Jerry step down and hire a real GM?

    What are the chances we trade Roy Williams for anything, bag of chips, a cookie, whatever?
  11. AsthmaField

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    Thanks for taking the questions, Todd. Here's mine:

    Many complained about Dallas taking Felix Jones instead of Rashard Mendenhall (presumable because publications, websites, etc. had him higher ranked). However, every single time I've watched Felix or Rashard on film, Jones' quickness and vision is evident while Mendenhall doesn't seem to have the lateral movement or the great decision making that jumps out at you like while watching Felix.

    Yet many continue to talk about how Mendenhall can add the exact same explosive element to an offense and is just as dangerous in open space.

    cough *Breer* cough

    My question is: When you watch film of those two backs do you see Jones as being much niftier in space and making better decisions or do you see two backs that are both equally as dangerous in the open field, with the same cutting ability and vision?

    Note: I do respect Albert's opinions very much... I just don't see what he's seeing on this particular subject.

    Thanks for your time, Todd.

  12. HardHittingRoy31

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    Do you see Barber to get a new deal before camp?

    What is the status of Hamlin and his Franchaise tag he hasn't sign?

    Do see any hold-outs by any vetran or rookie?

  13. MONT17

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    Why does a RB, whos agent is asking for 40 to 60 million, need a "compliment" Back? and do you feel a first round pick is too steep for a gimmick player or whatever we think Felix Jones role will be on offense? and would you have drafted Mendenhall over Felix Jones?

    If the Cowboys are right about Doug Free should he be fighting for a starting position this year... Will he even get a fair shot to win a job?

    Do the Cowboys plan to play more 3 corners w/Hamlin (with Roy Williams on the bench) behind the base 3-4, simular to the scheme they used in the Green Bay game last yr?
  14. Nav22

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    T.O. is entering the last year of his contract... what's the word on an extension? Will it likely happen before the season or midseason?

    If we don't win the Super Bowl this year, is there any way Wade is still our HC in 2009?

    Kyle Kosier is likely the weak link on our OL. Any chance there could be competition for the LG job in camp, from the likes of McQuistan, Procter, or Berger?
  15. CowboyJeff

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    Todd, please shed some light on Larry Lacewell's current involvement with the team. Thanks.
  16. Biggems

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    Of the undrafted free agents that the Cowboys have signed, who impresses you the most and who do you see possibly making the 53 man roster to open the season?

    Do you feel that Terry Glenn will be healthy enough to play next season? Do you feel he should risk serious and permanent injury just to play another season, afterall he is financially set and can still live a healthy productive life.

    Can you assess the Cowboys backup QB situation? What are your thoughts on Brad Johnson and his ability to actually carry the load if something were to happen to Romo? What is the word on Bartel? Is there anyone out there who may get cut from another roster who may be a solid fit as a backup to Romo? I was thinking Chris Simms would be a great fit behind Tony.

    Ok this isn't a Cowboys question, but do you feel Favre will stay retired? If he does come back, what team do you think he will go to? I think if he does come back, it would have to be with a contender, but most contenders already have solid starting QBs.

    Do you feel Dallas has the defensive personnel to run both the 3-4 and the 4-3 if they wanted to? I feel they definitely have the personnel to switch out, if they wanted to just to give offenses a different look.

    What are your thoughts on the shocking news coming from Herschel Walker?

    Why does everyone in the media play up Jerry and the U of Arkansas connection? Felix Jones is the first Razorback drafted by Dallas during the Jerry era, spanning about 20 years. He is only the second Razorback to even play for the team.

    How many draft picks do you see Dallas having next year, including any compensatory picks?

    How will Campo impact our secondary, especially the play of Roy Williams?
  17. kbman

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    Yeah I saw it a thought this was a CC post.
  18. WoodysGirl

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    So after three days of shorts and jerseys, what did you learn from the rookie minicamp? Outside of the Texas Tech kid, who's the next great UDFA find?
  19. Sarge

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    What do you think the chances are that Jason Garrett takes over the reigns as Head Coach after this year? Let's assume he does, does Wade stay on in some capacity? Much obliged.......Sarge
  20. Future

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    Are trade talks for the Cowboys bringing in a vet WR dead now that the draft is over? Is there still a chance we land Chad Johnson, Roy Williams, or even Anquan Bolden?

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