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Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by Hostile, Sep 8, 2006.

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    KC Joyner of The Football Scientist dropped by the site recently to give us a look. I asked him if he'd consider answering some of your questions in a Q & A and he said he'd be willing to do that.

    Please submit your questions for KC to answer.
  2. hipfake08

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    How about some of the Scouting web sites come in.
  3. tyke1doe

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    How many licks does it take to get to the Toosie roll center of a Toosie pop?

    Sorry, couldn't pass that up.
  4. rojan

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    Thanks for taking my questions KC.

    My questions to you is where do you rank Terence Newman among the other elite Cornerbacks in the league. Do you think he could have made the Pro Bowl last year and what do you expect from him this year.


  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    Are you just a self described football geek that couldn't get enough so stared tracking the stats and in doing so turned it into a business?

    In some ways I see you as a Mel Kiper, before Mel got too full of himself, kind of guy.

    Meaning that you did all of this research and put it together and decided after so long to make a career out of it. Would you say that is a fair comparison?
  6. Yakuza Rich

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    I'm sure he didn't have enough plays to qualify, but what did your metrics tell you on the play of backup CB Jacques Reeves?
  7. Secondary2None3141

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    How does Bradie James rank among his peers?

    Why doesn't Terry Glenn get the respect he deserves?
  8. Hostile

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    How big do you want The Football Scientist to become? Do you have a goal in mind and how would you like to expand it to reach a broader audience? Are you happy with the growth so far?
  9. superpunk

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    Terrence Newman.

    god? or demi-god? Possible centaur?

    Given your individual assessments of players in the offseason, give me your predicted top 5 defenses this year? Where would the Cowboys rank?

    Merriman or Ware? Statistically.
  10. LaTunaNostra

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    KC, I bought your book last year and enjoyed pouring over it...but didn't see it advertised anywhere this year (you need a mailing list!)

    My question(s): are you still breaking up sacks into eight categories (blown block, coverage, garbage, individual effort, other, pursuit, run, and scheme)? And with the Cowboys solidation of a base 3-4, do you have any predictions on which player will lead in scheme, run, and pursuit sacks?
  11. Hostile

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    FYI, the link I provided above has the book for sale.
  12. LaTunaNostra

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    Thanks, TH.

    I'm so used to having my e-mail spammed with ads for football stuff I don't want that having to look for what I do want feels wierd. :)
  13. junk

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    Do you have access to game film or do you track this information from TV broadcasts?

    How do you determine blown assignments/coverages without knowing each player's assignments on a particular play?
  14. Trip

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    For teams that run mostly zone pass defense (cover two schemes, etc.) how do you accurately evaluate a players cover ability? Sometimes it's hard to tell if a CB was burned or if he expected help and it was a blown coverage by the safety. Do you put more emphasis on individual defensive abilities and performance, or performance within the team defensive scheme?

    Do you believe football research will ever get close to the level of baseball? With the physical player vs. player aspect of football, it doesn't seem likely to me. The task isn't just to judge how well a player throws, hits and catches a baseball in different situations, but how players block, tackle, throw, catch, run, kick, cover, and do all of that while being physically challenged by other players trying to do the same. It's infinitely more challenging research than baseball. Just knowing the players responsibilities in all cases is hard enough (who to block, who to cover) and that's before any evaluation can begin.
  15. Drlabon

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    Mr. Joyner,

    For a laymen who watches football on Saturday and Sunday, what do you think is the most important element whether a statistic or other measurement that can help someone understand how to grade or rate a quarterback?
  16. AtlCB

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    Can you tell me how our LB's rank compared to other LB corps around the league? Do you believe that we have the most depth a LB in the league?
  17. KD

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    Where does Roy Williams stack up as far as SS's go?
  18. Drlabon

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    What is your analysis of our C/G's on the team and what do you feel our biggest needs are going into the 2007 draft?
  19. TEK2000

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    Just gonna mention that I've seen his answer to this question on a Redskins forum where a Skins fan asked him who's better.. Taylor or Williams and he responded that they played different positions. Then they asked "Who's the best SS and FS"?

    Joyner responded with SS is Roy Williams and FS is Brian Dawkins.
  20. KD

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    Thanks Tek.

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