QUESTIONS: Post your questions for Matt Mosley

Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by Deb, Nov 21, 2006.

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    Matt, Do you think that the arrival of Terrell Owens has helped Tony Romo more than given credit for? I've been thinking that possibly the media coverage on Terrell Owens has let Romo go under the radar and not face the huge media pressure by deterring the attention from him and letting him come along at his pace. Would you agree?
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    Are you related to that evil kicker from the Skins?
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    It was Mosley. I emailed him a 'complaint' during camp that there was little substantial in the reports re how players performed, who excelled at what, who was beating whom in competition, what the coaches were up to, etc.

    He replied that fans don't want to hear about 'technical' stuff like 'jamming'. :D

    I don't know if the blog is aimed to give more technical info, tho - I saw exactly ONE blog entry by Mosley last summer that sounded like he actually watched a practice, and if I recall correctly he made a little joke about actually watching one.

    Mostly the blog is about the tv show House, what books Mosley's read, rehashes of the press conferences, and lately who Tony is dating...another great opportunity lost, imo - whomever the blog is for, it doesn't seem to be for the 'jammers'.:rolleyes:

    I wish the DMN would hire Vela.
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    Matt. whats your thought on the Coaching of the Cowboys in the Parcels era.. In 2003 the team went 10-6 and to the playoffs with Quincy Carter. Then hit bottom again...Now They could be back in contention but are Highly Inconsisitent.......
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    yup,,, given the team's recent bad luck at drafting oft-injured linemen and "hoping" their injuries were not chronic, I can understand some reticence in going down that road again. That doesn't get them off the hook for not addressing the OL earlier in the draft though... :mad:
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    Fixed dude. Welcome. You're an alright guy JFE.
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    How is the relationship with Bill and Jerry holding up?Do
    you have a sense for what the coach will do next season?
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    As always guys...thanks for your patience and willingness to participate ....I'll let you know the second I get them back
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    Matt, why are you such a homo?

    Please give him that question. :D

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