News: Quick cap update (8/15/07)...$13,045,204

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by AdamJT13, Mar 1, 2007.

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    Our cap adjustment came in at $2,717,626, so our cap limit will be $111,717,626. That adjustment comes mostly from Abram Elam's $3.1 million LTBE incentive that he didn't earn, along with some incentives that were earned (Flozell Adams' $500,000 for making the Pro Bowl, presumably) and other various charges/credits.

    Also, Romo's salary increased by $500,000 because of an escalator clause in his contract (he reached half of his incentives last season).

    After cutting Bledsoe, Hannam and Whitley and after tendering our exclusive-rights free agents (Polite, Procter, Berger, Elam, Bowen and Stanley), we are $22.304 million under the cap.

    That will be lowered when we officially sign McBriar and after we tender offers to our remaining restricted free agents (Crayton, Reeves, Fowler, Nate Jones and possibly Pierce).

    Another update (3/3/07) -- after our RFA tenders and signing McBriar (it's official now), we are $18,853,647 under the cap. That could go up if we decide to prorate the roster bonus Terry Glenn gets this weekend.

    McBriar's cap numbers are $1.1 million in 2007, $1.4 million in 2008, $1.75 million in 2009, $2.05 million in 2010 and $2.2 million in 2011.

    Another update (3/6/07) -- After signing Davis, Johnson and Grammatica, we are $16,533,647 under the cap.

    We prorated $4 million out of Glenn's $5 million roster bonus, saving $3 million.

    Grammatica's cap number is $900,000, and Johnson's is $1,833,333. Grammatica got a $200,000 signing bonus, and Johnson got $2.5 million.

    A minor update (3/7/07) -- The league's salary cap has been raised from $109 million to $109,134,000. So that bumps us up to $16,667,647 of cap room.

    Another update (3/13/07) -- After re-signing Colombo and cutting Fabini, we are $14,084,314 under the cap.
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    Thanks Adam. I read earlier today that Crayton will be tendered at 1.3 Million. The rest at 830k. I'll try and find the link for you.
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    Good info. Thanks.
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    "That adjustment comes mostly from Abram Elam's $3.1 million LTBE incentive that he didn't earn"

    Please explain this? LTBE? How does an undrafted rookie out of Kent State have $3.1 million associated anywhere near his name?
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    Thanks Adam...I guess this is what amazes me. We have so much money in cap space ( especially when you think how teams are able to spread out money over so many years) and next season they will probably have even more if they release one of the veteran receivers,adams,maybe ferguson, a. glenn,maybe ellis...while the cap goes up another $8 million to $117, whats the big fuss in not signing guys like Columbo?

    I am still amazed at how Parcells and Jerry were able to accumulate such a talented team while manage the cap like poetry.

    I think the Cowboys will sign another CB/OL/QB backup by tomorrow night.
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    It's a cap loophole. You assign bonuses as likely to be earned to a scrub, and when they aren't you get a credit the following year.

    Teams do it when they have extra cap room one year and want to carry it over into the next.
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    We have to leave 3-5 million to sign the picks. Want to keep that much during the season just in case. so take 8 - 10 million away. So say that leaves us around 14 million to use. Clayton and company take up say 3 million. That leaves 11. Columbo- I think we get him for a little less then we signed Gurode for. But a shorter deal- probably 4 years. Probably use up 3-4 million in cap space. So we have say 7-8 million left. That MIGHT be enough for one of the guards we want and a backup QB.
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    Thanks Adam ... I don't know what we would do w/out you.

    $20K or so I'm ready to do some early Christmas shopping. :)
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    Looking for retirement homes?

    Try something with 'Shady' or 'Pines', possibly a combination of both. I'm sure they serve DP.
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    $3-$4 million against the cap for Columbo? Hmmm ... expecting a rather hefty signing, eh?
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    ahh cmon now, you're better than that. Crayton. Not Clayton, even though I know you knew that haha.
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    Our picks won't require 3-4 million of cap space. No way. And Columbo will count more like 2 million. 22 something minus the tenders, McBriar, etc., gives us about 20 (just a ballpark). We could get away with 5 million for our rookie pool, all the extra crap you have to pay for, and a little reserve pile for the season just in case. That leaves about 15. Minus 2.5 for Colombo and Grammatica (wishful thinking and ballpark figure) leaves 12.5 for FAs. Davis or Dockery, at inflated prices being thrown around would cost us 2.5, 3 tops. The backup QB might count anywhere between 500K and 2 million, depending on who we get. At worst, then, we'd have 7.5 left. That would get us 2 great FAs, 3 good ones, or 4 sleepers.

    We've got the money if we choose to spend like Charles Barkley in Vegas (which I would counsel against.)
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    it's not a "home", it's a community!!
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    My apologies, but I can't find the link now.
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    You should take into account some cap space being allocated to a new Romo contract. It's probably going to cost us at least a couple more mill in space.

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    Forgot about Romo. But that will happen later on. that is why I was saying we need to keep 3-5 million in the pocket. Maybe a little more.
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    I thought CBZ was a man. :huh:
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    Any incentive added to a contract after the season has begun is ruled as Likely to Be Earned (LTBE) by the league. A LTBE incentive counts against the current year's salary cap, but if unearned, is credited to the following year's cap.

    These rules creates a loophole such that teams can give players unachievable incentives (e.g., 10 interceptions in the last two games) towards the end of the season that will effectively push excess cap space to the following year.

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