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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CCBoy, Mar 5, 2012.

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    This Dan Pompei story for the National Football Post this morning recaps Combine interviews. For those handicapping the players for Dallas' 14th overall pick, you can raise the odds for David DeCastro and Fletcher Cox, and drop those on Dre Kirkpatrick a bit. The first two made themselves look safer as top-15 options. Kirkpatrick apparently did the opposite. One team rep described Kirkpatrick as, "difficult to trust."

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    I live in SEC territory and I really like Fletcher Cox. Kid is a productive, lunchpale guy. He'd help us immensley along the defensive line with his quickness and relentlessness.
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    Yes I think he is the pick. He will be a perfect strong side De. The I think decastro will be gone by 14. With spencer here next year dallas will look for a every down day one starter at 14. Also depth of talent at OG in the 2nd round isn't as much of a fall off as 3-4DE.

    Sign carr and get a cb in the third
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    So sign Carr to a huge deal and pair him up with Jenkins who will command a huge deal next year. Scandrick will be the slot guy off of a freshly signed significant contract and our 4th CB will be a 3rd round pick.

    Meanwhile we have a collection of crap along the interior of the offensive line and holes galore in the front seven on defense.

    I like your plan. The only thing I'd add is maybe trading back into the 3rd for another CB. Because you never know if one will get hurt. That 5th CB spot is vital.

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