Quick questions on going to the game today...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chocolate Lab, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Hey guys, I got some late tickets to the game today. I haven't been to a game in years, so I feel like a total rookie. :)


    -- What's the best parking option? Just get there really early and cash park?

    -- Can you take cameras? I see pics people have taken at the games, but when I went to training camp in San Antonio, they confiscated all but the smallest pics. Can I take a typical digital camera? (Maybe the camera thing at camp was Parcells' paranoia about other teams watching.)

    -- Any other advice for a rookie?

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    You can bring in cameras. Everyone does. I have seen plenty of people with camcorders. The guys at the gates are extremely lazy they just check your waist.

    As far as parking goes. Cash is 18 bucks. I go in the back way by carmax. It is the longest walk to the stadium, so you can jump on the trolley. It is all the way behind the trucking company.

    The reason I do that is because it is the fastest way in and out.

    to take the back way in, I go 183 west go past loop 12
    Take the first left spur 482, it is not a turn just the road winds left.
    Then take the second right, they come quick, like a second apart but take the second right
    Then go down the road past carmax and go around the loop and then at the yeild sign take a right, that is the cash parking.

    It is the back way no one uses. You will get in the stadium in 2 minutes while everyone else is backed up on 183 and loop 12 for 30 minutes. You will also get out in two minutes while everyone is backed up.

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