Quickness training ideas (jr. Quarterback)

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by brymatt94, Jan 1, 2011.

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    Next year i will be a junior quarterback for my high school. We run the pistol and the veer option out of that quite often. I hurt my knee last year and am more of a move around the pocket Qb rather than a speed threat. I really need to gain some quickness for this veer but I cant do squats or anything that will hurt my knee. Any workout ideas that can give me some more quickness? much appreciated
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    resistance training
    focus on explosion

    Hell...even strength shoes would help a great deal.

    Look for a sports training facility in your area. Get a pro to overlook your workouts and your progress. He can customize your workouts to stress your weak points while avoiding further damage to that knee. If you can't afford that, see if you can talk a local college student studying sports medicine to help you. They may be able to receive credit for it.

    Just some ideas....
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    Check and see if they have a program in your area known as GameSpeed. Great training regimen that greatly improved my brother's agility and quickness to go along with his speed, since he was already fast. He was a RB and later a CB.
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    ...kiddies pool. If you want to begin a work out regimen without stressing your knee find the agility workouts you like and do them in a 1 metre pool. This way you can work on the motion, but more importantly build up the strength you need to support your knee.

    Within a couple of months take your training regimen outdoors on dry land and you should have invested enough in muscle development to work on actual quickness.

    Build knee strength up first, then build quickness. Don't cheat the process or else you may end up with a setback.
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    Thanks a lot for all these ideas guys,I will really look into all of them.
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    some good suggestions from the others

    3 simple exercises that you can do at home to help your quickness

    jump rope
    box jump or bench jump
    stair touches

    all 3 worked wonders for my sons quickness

    you also want to strengthen your calfs and hamstrings

    youtube/ football quickness for videos

    just remember when your resting the competition is working;)
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    Go old school, get a chicken....:cool:
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    Before my backs true problem was unveiled I was doing alot of ab workouts to helpout with everything as they got tighter I felt faster, it may have been psychological but I thought it'd be worth mentioning

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