Quincy was the Cowboys best Player and Playoff Ticket?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Source, Nov 7, 2004.

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    I think cutting Quincy Carter and others that was apart of the Dallas Cowboys for some years messed the Cowboys up.

    I think that Bill Parcells shouldn't never experimented with the team.
    If We HaD Quincy starting we would've been atleast 6-1 or better
  2. diehard2294

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    puff puff give!
  3. jimmy40

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    Don't Bogart it.
  4. Fletch

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    Now I don't know if we would have been 6-1 or not, but I can guarantee you that the Cowboys wouldn't be 3-5 at this point. We would be a better team. Now I supported Quincy wholeheartedly when he was our starter and looked for a good season from him this year until he suddenly got cut. Now I know some in here will give any and everyone grief for even mentioning Quincy Carter, BUT, the plan was not to cut Quincy in the middle of training camp and to make a 41 year old backup the starter. Just wasn't in the plan and probably took the air out of the team's sails more than us fans would like to think.
  5. Juke99

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    Quincy Carter cut Quincy Carter...
  6. zack

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    I think it's funny that this is one move that no one has talked about much. He gets rid of the starting QB and hardly much is said. I guess if QC gets a chance to play for Pennington a little more, we might hear about it.
  7. wileedog

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    Our defense was the #1 rated D in the league last year and we got bounced in the first round of he playoffs.

    With our defense anything but #1 this year, how far were we going to go with Quincy at the helm this season? Would there really be any difference?

    Get over it.
  8. Nors

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  9. zack

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    There would be a difference. How much time does Vinny have to throw the ball in comparison to what QC had last season? How about having a big target like Keyshawn Johnson to throw to?

    How about getting a 1/2 inch for a first down on the first drive of this game. Do ya think that Carter could get a half inch? I do? Do ya think Carter could have avoided a blitz against Pitt to seal the game?
  10. The Great Number 8

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    There are many, many things on the Cowboys worse than last year, but quarterbacking isn't one of them. I swear if people didn't use the name Quincy Carter, I'd have no idea we were talking about the same player
  11. zack

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    That is pretty funny. 3 picks and a fumble and we don't have a QB problem?
  12. Dave_in-NC

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  13. SuspectCorner

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    quincy WAS a better option than vinny, IMO. however, i doubt he would have made much, if any, difference in the way this season is playing out. there are too many glaring holes up and down this roster. carter has moved on - as should we.
  14. The Great Number 8

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    You don't really want me to go back and find games like this for Carter do you?

    I never said the quarterbacking was a whole lot better. But it isn't any worse.
  15. Cheap Shot Artist

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    Could you imagine if QC was retained this year, had a good year despite his second infraction?

    We would have given him a bigtime SB because he's a QB

    Then imagine him failing a 3rd and perhaps a 4th test, which would have resulted in a 4 game and then a year suspension respectively

    QC would have been Leon Lett part II

    So to those QC apologists STILL out there...get a clue


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