Recap: Quite Frankly with emmitt, switzer, and roger...(including recap)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dallascowboysfan31, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. dallascowboysfan31

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    -emmitt and roger called julius the "real deal"
    -emmitt picked us to go 8 and 8
    -roger picked us at 9-7
    -roger said bledsoe could get it done
    -emmitt said that if he were TO's teammate, they'd "definitely" have some words
    -roger said he'd go to the coach and say "get rid of this guy"

    the whole show was about the cowboys demise and nothing but badmouthing and embarassing stats. very clearly a negatively scripted show by the writers and steven a smith against our boys. i am boycotting his show!!!!

    btw he kept saying how the cowboys "were" america's team.

    feel free to add what i missed....
  2. poke

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    now i know what the A stands for between his names
  3. Dale

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    I've yet to run across a fan that "likes" Stephen A. He pretty alienates fans of every team. But it seems to work; it got him his own show.
  4. Billy Bullocks

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    Steven A is ok. I dont like him bashing on our team, but he's blunt, and he seem honest. A bit cocky, but he doesnt beat around the bush
  5. Chocolate Lab

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    Isn't that the truth. Beside Billy, I don't know of a single person who can stand him.

    Oh, and a Philly writer bashing the Cowboys? Whodathunkit.
  6. TheKey

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    The very fact they felt the need to dedicate an entier show to us proves that we still are the team everyone watches.
  7. Billy Bullocks

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    Like i said, i dont like him bashing us, and it dont surprise me either. He is a deuche, but at the same time, he does bring some enthusiam to the studio. At the same time, yall are right, he is a jagoff
  8. miamicowboy21

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    I caught the show. I like the guy he's opinionated, and he doesn't lobb softball questions to the guest. I think emmitt is still bitter parcells didnt give him a opportunity to win the job when he was hired. Smith failed to mention our free agent pickups as well as our draft, which proves he's knows very little about football outside of philly. The guy is a yankess fan, i hope he bashes them as hard as he did us when if the yankess fail to make the postseason. I like staubach's prediction of 9-7. By the way stephen a should check the record books. The networks kill to have us on television.

    Howie long said it best, when in doubt put on the cowboys!!!!! Keep hating smith were still tied for the most super bowls.
  9. Big Country

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    He is a total punk... I can't stand that know it all SOB... When he starts that yakking it just screams Filly.
  10. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    I saw the show. I dont really like Stephan A that much either. He's too cocky and arrogant. The only thing that I like is he doesnt beat around the bush. I was surprised that Jason Witten was never mentioned while our offense was being bashed.
  11. Chief

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    When I watch Stephen Angry Smith, I always wonder what made him the way he is. Why is he so loud and mad?

    ESPN continues its swirling slide down the toilet.
  12. CaptainAmerica

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    I don't like his style either, but we have slipped somewhat, even though we are still the only team that appeals to a cross-section of fans across the country and yes, the world.
    However, all it takes is one year of success and you will see the Cowboy Star on hats and jerseys all across this country!!

    :star: :star:
  13. calico

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    I thought the same thing when watching it. It just showed me how badly the haters want to bring the franchise down. Just wait until Dallas are back as serious threats at a SB, it will be amazing the bandwagon that will swell and the media attention for the "return of America's Team,"

    We already started to see some of that in 2003 when the team started winning again.
  14. TheSkaven

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    You have to remember, Stephen A. is a Philly guy. He is born and raised here, a frequent contributor to the local sports radio, and a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He leans Philly big time, which of course means he's also and always has been a Cowboys hater. Think Tony Bruno. Same thing.
  15. dougonthebench

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    how does he know soooo much about sports when it's obvious he's never played a single game.High School,College or Pro's.
  16. The Duke

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    He just seems to try and talk as fast as he can and wayyy to loud. Instead of just asking the stupid question he goes off into a lengthy explanation that answers the stupid question. I don't know whose worse, Stephen A. or Jim Rome. My 2 cents.
  17. dougonthebench

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    no kidding
  18. NYCowboy22

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    The guy will complete one sentence at a normal volume and BE SCREAMING THE NEXT SENTENCE. I get a kick out of it.
  19. JPM

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    It's almost like he's got turrets.
  20. johnnybluestar

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    I watched that show and it was not Cowboy bashing. Think about this. What other team could have an entire talk show dedicated to the recent demise of an historically proud and successful franchise? No other team would have such a show. The demise is the truth. Libel and slander do not exist if the negativity is true. They talked about how the Cowboys came to be America's Team, they talked about the success, but no Super bowls in the 80's and they focused on the 90's dominance. The answer to the question of demise was salary cap, free agency and some young players not wanting to work. Not once was Jerry blamed or accused of bad decisions, arrogance or ignorance. In fact, Jerry got a little love for keeping his stars together and not trying to trade them at the height of their career or market value.
    Stephen A. Smith is cocky and arrogant, but at least he asks real questions, which is becoming rare. As a Cowboys fan, I thought it was a good show yesterday. Any show dedicated to the Cowboys is a good show to me.

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