Qunicy interview on CBS with Boomer

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by O Skuul, Nov 14, 2004.

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    Quincy Carter was interviewed by Boomer Esiason on the CBS pregame show. I thought Quincy handled himself with class.

    Boomer: When you first met with coach Edwards I guess you had to convince him that you could play for him.

    Quincy: He wanted to bring me in and tell me how to be a man, you can talk all the X’s and O’s you want to, but when you’re talking about life that’s what coach is all about, and that’s what he’s teaching me, how to be a grown man.

    Boomer: Is there a distinct difference between coach Edwards and coach Parcells in that area.

    Quincy: I have nothing bad to say about coach Parcells, I never will, but I know I can step into coach Edwards office and talk to him about anything that I want and don’t have to feel like my business is going to be told around rest of the complex.

    Boomer: There is no question that you reputation has been tarnished, because it was the biggest story in the NFL (cut to a myriad of TV news clips).

    Quincy (regarding allegations): Information has to come from somewhere and if it don’t come from the NFL, then you know, you gotta ask yourself, who is it coming from?

    Boomer: What do you think the perception of Quincy Carter is around the NFL

    Quincy: The only thing I can say is that it’s been a one-sided story, and I have not said a word and will not say a word. Everybody showed their face and said everything for me where I don’t even have to say anything.

    Boomer: The fact that you have an opportunity with a winning team is there any opportunity for redemption or poetic justice in your mind.

    Quincy: No, I wish the Cowboys was winning, I don’t have any personal objective or anything in this, all I want to do is win, win, win, and keep playing football.

    Boomer (to Herm Edwards): What do you hope to get out of this.

    Herm: (I couldn’t keep up, paraphrasing here) : I hope that he can come in and win for us, and hopefully if he’s not with us next year that he will be a starting QB for another team in the NFL.

    Quincy will have at least 2 games to audition for next year, let see how he does.
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    So he's not going to say anything bad about Parcells, but two seconds later he'll make it clear that he thinks Parcells told his personal conversations to everybody in the complex? Yeah, that's class.

    And I'm glad Herm had to talk to him about how to be a man, when Quincy is 26 or whatever and in his fourth year in the league. Nice.
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    One word, DENIAL.
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    I agree, you can tell he is bitter at the Tuna
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    All we need now is for Nors to come in here with his quINTcy picture and tell us how wrong we all are. :D
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    I don't know how wrong everyone is about QC, Quincy himself will prove or dis-prove that. The point is he has a chance to do it with a clean slate.

    As fars becoming a grown man, it has more dimensions to it than mere age, I suspect some here have proved that on occasion. I believe what he was talking about was how to handle adversity in life, not just the NFL.

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