"Barbarism" Version 2 (higher quality+improvements)

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    Since "Barbarism" was well recieved, I decided to make some improvements, and render a much higher quality version. I only intended for it to be a hype video before kick-off, but since it had enough potential, I decided to make it a keeper.

    So here is the better quality version for those of you who liked it......... Click Here
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    Killer Vid. Thanks for taking the time to make it. I just noticed, in his now infamous, avoiding the saftey run against the Pats, Flo just friggen man handles Harrison; literally tossing his *** aside like a ragdoll. I loled.
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    thanks for the vid...very cool
  4. StevenOtero

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    Very good video SG. I like how you included footage from 2005.

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