"I don't know how many yards we needed, I know we needed some"

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jzcowboy, Jan 25, 2010.

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    I never claimed to be objective about this particular topic. After all I am a Cowboy fan.;)

    Favre had a 19 year career with lots of up and downs. Many of his records are due to longevity similar to Emmitt. There is no way you can tell me if our QB threw 81 int's the last five years with very little playoff success you would not be leading the pack calling for his head. Statistically speaking the Cowboys have the greatest QB to ever play for the franchise and people are calling for him to be gone.
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    I wouldn't because if Tony Romo was in Brett Favre's position, I would know he was on the downside of his career.

    I think the media likes Brett Favre because the way he approaches the game, his child-like attitude, charisma, longevity, Green Bay and obviously the success he has had on the field.

    Guys like that, from the most menial jobs to the most glamorous jobs always get the most attention.

    Tony Romo has all of that and if he wins 3 MVPs, wins 1 Super Bowl and at freakin 40 years old gets his team to the NFL Championship Game, I think he would be shown quite a bit of affection by the media because he has all the intangible attributes of the "guys" that get all the attention.
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    valid points. Lets hope it happens with Romo, but add 2 more Championships.:)
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    Farve has ONE skin on the wall.

    He may of had more if it wasn't for his habit of giving the biggest games of the season away.
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    He is a capital choker and fulltime turnover machine.
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    Type A personality. Big deal.

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