"Sombody named Patrick Crayton"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lurkercowboy, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Juke99

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    As the unofficial keeper of the Image Dungeon and one of the resident sig pic makers, I have to tell ya that everyone thinks they know how good that sig pic is...BUT...many have no idea of the amount of time something like that took...

    WELL done...what's really cool is that you got a zillion players in the graphic without it being chaotic... :worthy:

  2. Hostile

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    The more I look at it, the better I like it. If you make it larger for use as a wallpaper, let me know. I will definitely use it at work.
  3. Rockytop6

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    I agree. That is an awesome sig. Good work.
  4. Cbz40

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    Big D......just wanted be another to say...Your sig picture is absolutely beautiful.
  5. Big D

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    Thanks again to all of you. Here is a larger version minus my name.


  6. The30YardSlant

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    Sean Taylor knows who he is:


    Helmet: $100

    Tape for helmet: $10

    Tackling lessons: $200

    Being an overhyped, overpaid criminal who got OWNED by a rookie 7th round draft pick: Priceless

    Some things money cant buy, for everything else, there's Daniel Snyder
  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    At the time Crayton was pretty much an unknown to many outside of Dallas.

    I am sure the Skins coaches knew him but I bet most other fans or media not covering the cowboys did not...once again AT that time.
  8. Richmond Cowboy

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    look how small the ball looks in his meathooks
  9. WoodysGirl

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    Uhmm Big D, thanks for the new wallpaper... :cool:

    Can't see my shortcuts anymore, but who cares... all about the 'boys right now.

    Just an awesome graphic, man. You should contribute more to Image Zone...
  10. Juke99

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    Great timing...One of our newer members, Funxva, just asked me to make a sig pic with the Crayton game winner vs the Redskins last year...Thanks to the Virginia Pilot, I have a title for it.

  11. Funxva

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    And it is sooo sweet. ;)
  12. dargonking999

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    Big D great pic man, i love the way you have Dat sitting right in themiddle of the players.

    And i know for a fact that the redskins will hear that name alot in the next coming years.

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